Northwest by Midwest: Reed and Grinnell collaborate on digital initiatives in the liberal arts college environment

Grinnell College hopes to implement a campus-wide digital initiatives program to support interdisciplinary teaching and scholarly research. This past April, they invited a Reed team to visit, share experiences, and collaborate. The Reed contingency was comprised of Joanna Burgess, Digital Assets Librarian, Jason Parker, Academic Web Specialist, and Douglas Fix, Professor of Asian Studies & Humanities in the history department at Reed. Our hosts were Grinnell’s college librarian, the director of their campus art gallery, and an instructional technologist. During the course of our two-day visit, we met with numerous staff members from the library and IT, and faculty from various departments. We spoke about the impact our 2006 digital initiatives grant project has had on pedagogy, collection development, and technology at Reed; relayed what we’ve accomplished since the grant was completed in 2009; and in general shared many of our challenges and successes. It was an engaging and thought provoking visit, and a terrific opportunity for collaboration.

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