ACRL National Webinars

ACRL-OR provides complimentary access to ACRL-OR members to archived professional development e-Learning webinars from ACRL National. Access to these ACRL e-Learning webinars is a benefit of ACRL-OR membership.

These webinars can be used as professional development opportunities for your library or small group gathering, or as individual professional development.

To schedule a webinar viewing, an ACRL-OR member should contact the current ACRL-OR Board Communications Coordinator.

ACRL national provides chapters with limited complimentary access to these webinars to encourage chapter programing, up to 6 simultaneous remote logins are available. Thus the viewing event is not limited to a single location. However, the designated contact should not share the login information with more than 6 remote attendees (including themselves). These are ACRL’s limitations in exchange for complimentary access; ACRL-OR asks that you respect these limitations.

After contacting the ACRL-OR Board Communications Coordinator, to view an ACRL Webinar, select the training from the archive list below and then click on the ACRL Webinar password page.

2019 Webinars

Imposter Syndrome in Librarians: Impact and Solutions (8/14/19) | Jason Puckett, Georgia State University Library

2018 Webinars

Applying Information Literacy to Digital Humanities Projects (3/20/18) | Caitlin Bagley, Gonzaga University
Helping Faculty Find, Use, and Modify Open Educational Resources (8/15/18)
Framing Information Literacy Webcast Three: Information Has Value (8/16/18)

2017 Webinars

Essentials of Usability Design for Library Research Guides (3/8/17) | Jason Puckett, Georgia State University Library – Atlanta
Fighting Fake News with the ACRL Framework (7/20/17) | Sarah Morris, University of Texas at Austin

2015 Webinars

Beyond Worksheets: Using Instructional Technologies for Authentic Assessment of Student Learning (4/27/15) | Melissa Mallon, Vanderbilt University
Libraries and Student Success: A Campus Collaboration with High Impact Educational Practices (8/26/15) | Jenny Dale and Kathy Crowe, University of North Carolina – Greensboro
Introduction to Critical Library Pedagogy (11/10/15) | Nicole Pagowsky, University of Arizona, and Kelly McElroy, Oregon State University

2014 Webinars

Out of the Library and Into the Community (4/23/14) | Maureen Barry, Wright State University, Martin Wolske, University of Illinois, and Lizz Zitron, Pacific Lutheran University
Cultivating Creators: Copyright in the Information Literacy Classroom (8/5/14) | Stephanie Davis-Kahl, Illinois Wesleyan University, and Molly Keener, Wake Forest University

2013 Webinars

Goodbye Cybrarians, Hello Moocbrarians: Envisioning the Role of Librarians in Massive Online Open Courses (5/22/13) | John Shank, Penn State Berks
Sparking Innovation in Your Library: Lessons from Startup, R&D, and Venture Capital (6/13/13) | Brian Mathews, Virgina Tech