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The ACRL Oregon Board is seeking feedback from the academic library community on each of OLA’s Vision 2020 statements – what each means for us as a group and how ACRL Oregon can help realize each vision. Tell us what’s on your mind!


In 2020, libraries will be woven into the fabric of Oregon’s communities. Oregon libraries will:

• Provide library services to all Oregonians.
• Support lifelong learning wherever, whenever and however it happens, in school, public, academic and special libraries. Libraries will be there when Oregonians need to learn new things, in new ways.
• Oregonians belong to many communities, and in Oregon libraries they will find library services directly tailored for all of them.
• Oregon communities will continue to benefit from libraries that continuously respond to their changing needs.

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  1. As I’ve been thinking about the Vision 2020 statements and how to make them more applicable to academic libraries, the idea of creating scenarios seems appealing. Although ACRL and ARL have created future scenarios recently, it would be interesting to create them based on the vision statements.

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