2011 Oregon Legislative Session Ends

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On Thursday, June 30th the Oregon Legislative Assembly adjourned its 2011 regular session. Interim meeting dates for the remainder of 2011 and 2012 haven’t yet been formalized, but a tentative calendar (pdf) of these dates has been published. If you want to find documents that were part of the 2011 regular session, you can do so in their publications archive.

So what did our state legislature accomplish during this session? The state Senate Democrats released their 2011 Accomplishments (pdf) was an interesting session and the Senate Republican Office offered a press release (pdf) with their version of accomplishments and work to continue.

This year the House of Representatives was evenly divided 30/30 with Republicans and Democrats. Co-Speaker of the House Arnie Roblan (D- Coos Bay) released a statement about the House accomplishments during the session.

The recap is pretty much that the parties worked together on health care issues, as well as tax and housing issues. Budget issues were, as always, contentious issues between state Republicans and Democrats

If you’re looking to find more detailed information about what happened, a great place to find what the parties and individuals are saying is by reading the State Legislature Press Releases.

Other news to note at this time, and of particular import to librarians, is the new and improved Oregon State Legislature Measure Search. Give it a whirl to see what you think. (Try looking for 2011 Senate Bill 41, which pertains to public records…)

We’ll see what any interim session holds in store for the state. In the meantime, keep looking to this blog for more information about state and federal legislative issues of interest to ACRL-Oregon.

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