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Dedication of Wai Tak Cheung Collection at OCOM

The library at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) recently held a dedication ceremony for the Wai Tak Cheung Collection. The collection consists of over 1,500 Chinese-language books on the topic of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, Chinese biomedical texts, health and nutrition, and a range of other topics; another 300 or so books still need to be processed for the collection. Candise Branum, the library’s director, believes that this could possibly be the largest collection of this type in the United States.

Photograph of Wai Tak Cheung Collection

Historically, Dr. Cheung was known as “The Father of Acupuncture in Oregon,” helping to bring about legislative changes to legalize and promote the profession in the state.  He was also involved in creating OCOM’s original curriculum and when he passed, he donated his personal library to OCOM. The Wai Tak Cheung collection is searchable via the library’s Primo catalog and on WorldCat, and the library also lends the materials via WorldShare.


ACRL-OR report from 2017 Joint Conference

ACRL-OR was well represented at the ACRL Joint Conference for Washington and Oregon at Pack Forest in mid-October. The conference theme “Tried and True or Shiny and New” gave the attendees from both Oregon and Washington an opportunity to explore such topics as just in time assessment and how OER is being integrated and implemented at Tacoma Community College.

A huge hit was the short talks of epic fails!  Presenters shared their library moments, programs and classes that were duds or even huge mistakes. Each of the “failed” librarians learned something from their experience and bravely and nobly, shared their lessons learned with the conference attendees.

ACRL-OR was able to meet in the evening to discuss the upcoming scholarships for professional development with enhanced funding from LSTA monies and kick around ideas for next Fall’s joint OR/WA ACRL conference at Menucha where the Oregon group will host and provide programming. Lots of great ideas were brought up by the attending group. Two themes, “Collaborating for Greater Impact” and “Reimagining Advocacy” were seriously discussed but neither was chosen as a final theme at the time.

Since the conference, the ACRL Board has decided on the theme of “Reimagining Advocacy: Personal, Professional, Political.” If you have any ideas for conference speakers, the board would love to hear them! Contact Steve Silver at acrlor@olaweb.org.

Conference on Open Practices

A group of OR and WA librarians is exploring the idea of a conference on open practices for librarianship, to take place on March 16. Will you please complete a short survey by 12/22 to help us plan?

The idea: a conference in the Pacific Northwest for librarians to share concrete, hands-on ideas about how to incorporate open practices into all aspects of library work. We will look beyond persuading faculty to adopt OER (though this is important) and investigate a culture change around internal library functions that can be more open. Your input will help us plan the best possible conference.

Please share this message with your colleagues.

Thank you in advance,

Amy Hofer, Cheryl Middleton, Heather Cyre, Candice Watkins, and Jackie Ray

Kim Olson-Charles Awarded ACRL-OR Professional Development Scholarship

Photograph of Kim Olson-Charles

Kim Olson-Charles, Concordia University

The first 2017-2018 ACRL-OR Professional Development Scholarship has been awarded to Kim Olson-Charles, distance education and outreach librarian at Concordia University. This scholarship is designed to allow ACRL-OR members the chance to apply for awards to attend conferences, workshops, courses, seminars, or other learning opportunities. Thanks to a one-time matching-fund grant from the State Library of Oregon, ACRL-Oregon is able to offer up to $500 for each award for 2017-2018 fiscal year. You can find out more about the multiple scholarship opportunities ACRL-OR provides on the ACRL-OR Scholarships page.  

Kim will be using the award to attend the Personal Librarian and First Year Experience Librarian Conference in Cleveland, Ohio in March 2018. She plans on bringing back ideas and best practices to better engage faculty and students, and to augment Concordia’s new Personal Librarian Program, an element of the university’s strategy for student recruitment and retention. Kim will share her learning with the co-coordinator of the Personal Librarian program, so that they can work together to establish more rigorous assessment and engaging activities for the students. We look forward to hearing more from Kim about this conference once she has returned!

Are you looking for support to attend a professional development event of your own? Applications for the ACRL-OR Professional Development Scholarship are reviewed three times a year. The next deadline will be at the end of February 2018; keep your eyes open for announcements about the exact date of the next deadlines.

Stephanie Debner
ACRL-OR Past President
University of Western States

REMINDER: Apply for ACRL-OR School/Academic Librarian Collaboration Scholarship

A reminder that applications for the ACRL-OR School/Academic Librarian Collaboration Scholarship are open through November 30. Up to $1,000 is available per year for this scholarship.  Applications will be reviewed at two points during the year (November and April) — or until the money runs out, so you could be the lucky applicants that have your collaborative project fully funded!

For information about how the scholarship funds can be used, eligibility, and how applications will be evaluated, see the full details on the original ACRL-Oregon blog post about this opportunity.

Apply now!

For more information or questions, contact:

Steve Silver
ACRL-OR President, 2017-2018
Northwest Christian University

Apply now for the ACRL-OR Professional Development Scholarship

ACRL-Oregon is delighted to announce a new round of Professional Development Scholarship opportunities. Thanks to a one-time matching-fund grant from the State Library of Oregon, ACRL-Oregon is able to offer up to $500 for each award for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. Applications are accepted at three points throughout the year (see below for specific deadlines); we are currently soliciting applications for the November 30 deadline. Applications will be reviewed within two weeks after the application deadline.

How can the scholarship be used?  
The ACRL-Oregon Professional Development Scholarship may be used toward conferences, workshops, courses, seminars, or other learning opportunities (including e-learning opportunities) appropriate to the applicant. The funding priority is registration and transportation costs incurred by the applicant.

Professional Development Scholarships will not be awarded for ACRL-OR/WA Fall Conference attendance as this annual event has its own scholarships.

Who is eligible?

  • All ACRL-Oregon members in good standing.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have not previously received a Professional Development Scholarship from ACRL-Oregon.

Who is not eligible?
Non ACRL-Oregon members.

How will applications be evaluated?
Please visit our FAQ page, which contains our evaluation rubrics and answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I apply?
Apply for the scholarship using this online form.

Applications will be accepted at three points throughout the year:

  • November 30
  • March 31
  • July 31

For more information, contact the ACRL-OR Board President:

Steve Silver
ACRL-OR President, 2017-2018
Northwest Christian University

Share your continuing education/professional development ideas


(Please pardon duplicate postings – we want to reach as many people as possible!)

As most of you may recall, the State Library of Oregon has contracted with  Infopeople to help us determine the continuing education/professional development (CE/PD) needs of the Oregon library community. Last month library staff throughout Oregon had the opportunity to complete an online survey – this month we want to invite staff to participate in online focus groups to gather feedback from different audiences on priority training needs, developing trends, and other continuing education-related concerns.

For academic library directors and staff, the focus group will be hosted on November 14th at 10:00am.

The focus group will be held online using GoToMeeting and will take less than 45-minutes and should be fun!  If you can attend, please RSVP to Brenda at brenda@infopeople.org and indicate which focus group you will be attending. Brenda will follow-up and send you details about how to connect and how to log in anonymously.

Please note that participation is limited and depending on the number of responses, it may turn out that not everyone who RSVPs will be able to attend. If you’re interested, you’re encouraged to respond as quickly as possible.

Thanks in advance for considering our invitation to share your expertise!

Meet your new ACRL-OR president

For those who do not know me (and perhaps for those who think they do) let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Steve Silver, and I’m your new ACRL-OR president. I’ve been on the job since September 1, settling in, getting myself organized, and leading our first board meeting of the year. Your past president, Stephanie Debner, has been fantastically helpful in this transition time. Send her a nice thank you for her dedication to this great organization.

Photo of Steve Silver's READ poster

Steve Silver’s READ poster

So who is this short, bespectacled guy from the tiny Christian university you’ve elected to lead you? I’m an Emporia grad (SLIM cohort #5, 2006). Northwest Christian University (NCU), my alma mater, is the only library I’ve worked in, and I’ve been here over 20 years. For the past 11 as library director. I started out in Technical Services, and occasionally (but not often) miss the days of dealing with clear-cut, black and white rules and codes (which, let’s face it, are not always so clear-cut or black and white anyway). My professional interests lie with intellectual freedom issues (I’m a member of OLA’s Intellectual Freedom Committee) and the history of the Bible as a book (NCU has an amazing rare Bible collection). I’m currently teaching a semester course on the latter, which is great fun.

But so much for the boring stuff. Let’s get personal. Married 31 years. Our only daughter is getting married October 14 (yes, we like the guy). I’m a semi-passionate Oregon Ducks football fan. I watch NASCAR. I have a masters in Choral Conducting from the University of Oregon (Helmuth Riling’s conducting Master Classes were amazing!). I was a church musician before becoming a librarian. I am a progressive, one might say “seeking” Christian, which is a long way from my conservative Christian upbringing (but my parents still love me anyway). I’ve been to England and Canada (briefly), but otherwise have not traveled internationally. Favorite local vacation spot: Yachats, Adobe Inn. Favorite overall vacation spot: Kauai, Hawai’i. Not a huge beer fan (I’ve tried, I really have), but I like a good hard cider or margarita. For-fun reading is mostly, though not exclusively, fantasy (Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Robin Hobb). I’m currently reading “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle, and “The Christian College and the meaning of Academic Freedom: Truth seeking in community” by William C. Ringenberg. Yes, I usually have a “fun” book and a “serious” book going at the same time.

I am involved with ACRL-OR because this association has been a tremendous support to me in my work as an academic librarian, and I believe it is and can be a tremendous support to each of you in your work as well. I also believe that in our current times that support is needed perhaps more than ever. My leadership style defaults to collaboration and input seeking. As a library director I’ve learned to make the quick, hard decision when needed, but my preference is always to discuss and make group decisions when possible. As a director, I also know that those working the “front lines” often have better ideas than I do, and my job is to help those ideas be successful.

So let me hear from you. Those of you coming to the ACRL-WA/OR joint conference at Pack Forest, there will be a members meeting, and I hope to see you there and to hear your thoughts. And you can always contact me at any time at acrlor@olaweb.org.

Thank you for the trust you’ve shown in my be electing me to be your president. Working together, I know we can make this another great year for ACRL-OR and academic librarians across our state.

Sincerely yours,

Steve Silver

Congratulations to the recipients of the ACRL-Oregon fall conference scholarships!

ACRL Oregon is delighted to announce the winners of scholarships to attend the ACRL Oregon and Washington Joint Fall Conference at Pack Forest later this month. They are:

  • Elaine Goff, from Willamette University and a student at Emporia State University (first-time conference attendee, MLIS student, and paraprofessional employee in an academic library)
  • Lily Morgan, from the Art Institute of Portland and Concordia University (first-time conference attendee and part-time employee in an academic library)

Congratulations to these ACRL-Oregon members! We are looking forward to a great conference.

Scholarship applications open for ACRL-Oregon/Washington Fall Conference

ACRL-OR has two scholarships available to attend the ACRL Washington and Oregon Joint Fall Conference. This year, the ACRL Washington chapter is hosting the conference on October 19 and 20 at the Center for Sustainable Forestry at Pack Forest.

How can the scholarships be used? 

The scholarship covers the registration fee of $140 for the conference, which includes room and board.

Who is eligible?

This scholarship is designed for those who live and/or work in Oregon. For those who live and/or work in Washington, please refer to the ACRL-WA site for conference scholarship information. Those meeting at least one of the criteria below are eligible to apply.  Each criteria met will be awarded points in the evaluation process (see below under how the application will be evaluated).

  1. First-time attendee of the joint conference.
  2. ACRL-OR member.
  3. MLIS student in an ALA-accredited program who lives in Oregon.
  4. Paraprofessional employee in an Oregon academic library.
  5. Part-time or temporary employee in an Oregon academic library.

Who is not eligible?

  • Those who do not live and/or work in Oregon.
  • Those who meet none of the criteria described above.
  • Those who have received a Fall Conference Scholarship in the past.

How will applications be evaluated?

A point system will be used to rank applicant eligibility (First time attendee-2 points, ACRL-OR member-2 points, MLIS student-1 point, Paraprofessional-1 point, part time or temporary employee-1 point).  In addition, application essays will be evaluated for:

  1. Financial need.
  2. Interest in the conference theme/program.
  3. Plans to apply knowledge gained at the conference.


The application period for the 2017 Fall Conference Scholarships will be Wednesday, September 13 to Wednesday, September 27.  Apply now!

Applicants will be notified shortly after the application period closes.

Registration for the ACRL Washington and Oregon Joint Fall Conference is open until Wednesday, October 4.

For more information, please contact:

Stephanie Debner, ACRL-OR Board Past President
University of Western States