Keynote Speakers

ACRL-OR is pleased to have Diana Park and Nicole Hindes of OHSU delivering the Conference Keynote Address this year! Please continue reading for a brief intro to our speakers.

Diana Park is an assistant professor and science librarian at Oregon State University. She is energized by working with students as they discover how information can be used for social justice. Her research interests include strategies to support marginalized students in STEM, Wikipedia in the classroom, mentoring, and social justice in librarianship.
Nicole Hindes works full time directing the Basic Needs Center at Oregon State University while completing her doctoral degree in Education. Nicole believes in the power of groups and what can be unlocked through skillful facilitation and leadership. Her research interests include the history of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, Mary Parker Follett’s ideas about power, and creative and collaborative approaches to decision making and resource allocations within the academy setting.