ACRL-Oregon seeks to support academic libraries and librarians; to foster communication among academic librarians; to promote the development of Oregon academic libraries; to sponsor educational programs of interest to academic librarians; and to serve as liaison between academic librarians and various other academic and library constituencies.  

Since 1989, ACRL-OR has been the Oregon Library Association’s (OLA) Academic Library Division, playing a dual role within the state. It is OLA’s academic division and its president is a voting member of OLA’s Executive Board. It is also the Oregon chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL-Oregon) and its president is a voting member of the ACRL Chapters Council.

In both these roles, the division supports academic libraries by fostering communication, sponsoring educational programs, and advocating in the political, social, and professional arena at the local and national level.

Membership in ACRL-Oregon is an add-on affiliation to membership in the Oregon Library Association (OLA). To join as a state chapter member, please join via the OLA membership page.  Note: Being a member of the national ACRL organization does not automatically grant you membership into the state chapter (ACRL-Oregon). Likewise, being a member of the state chapter does not automatically grant you membership into the national organization.

ACRL-Oregon’s 180 members reflect the diversity of academic libraries. They work at community colleges, private and public colleges and universities, and special libraries. They catalog, answer reference questions, provide research assistance, acquire materials, teach users information-seeking skills in workshops and credit classes, check-out books and software, deliver and receive electronic and print materials, maintain automated systems and CD-ROM networks. They also conduct and publish research in books and journals, present papers at conferences, and serve on committees and boards of library and academic professional associations.

ACRL-Oregon is governed by a board consisting of a president, vice president/president elect, past president (ex officio), publications editor (ex officio), and an eight-member advisory board, four of whom are elected by the membership and four appointed to represent community colleges, private colleges, public colleges and universities, and the State Library. Elections are held in the spring. The board meets at least quarterly, and a membership meeting is held at the fall conference held jointly with the Washington ACRL. The board also hosts an informal gathering during OLA’s annual conference.