Designing Usable and Accessible Web Pages – ACRL E-learning Seminar

Designing Usable and Accessible Web Pages:  Needs Analysis, Design Planning, XHTML and CSS Standards, Accessibility Validation, and Usability Testing (beginners)

An ACRL Online Seminar
January 25 – February 10, 2010

Course Description:
This hands-on course focuses on the basics of Web site planning, design and content development. The course will also examine Web standards, usability, and accessibility. XHTML and CSS (external) will be introduced. The course begins with XHTML/HTML basics tutorials and a practice activity to make sure everyone has the basic skills. Students will plan and design a representative site during the course.

This is a primarily asynchronous seminar, allowing participants to work through course material at times convenient to them. The instructor will provide feedback to all completed work via email. Participants may also choose to schedule online chat time with the teacher, as they feel necessary.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

* Plan and design a Web site for Usability and simple Accessibility for selected users/groups.
* Understand and apply Web Standards
* Develop basic Web site contents for selected users/groups.
* Use DreamWeaver (MX2004 or higher preferred) or a text editor to create usable, accessible, and interesting Web pages. You may use Microsoft Expression (was FrontPage) or other HTML editor if you already know what you are doing with it.

Participants will end the session with a draft Web site plan, design, and a Web page (or pages) that will allow minimal accessibility validation and usability testing.

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