Does your library do anything special for students during finals week?

Does your library do anything special for students when they are in final exam week mode? Do you provide refreshments (Seattle U provided coffee and cookies)? Activites? If yes, what has worked best or been most appreciated?

This semester we put out two library study break puzzles (puzzle 1, puzzle 2) as a mental break for students. They were posted online and paper copies were scattered around library building. There was a small prize incentive for solving the puzzles. Participation was decent considering the last minute nature. We will probably try it again at the end of next semester.


  1. The library does not specifically do anything special, but student development provides many activities that individual library staff sometimes participate in, particularly “midnight breakfast” served to students by faculty/staff on Wed of finals week. The library is open extended hours during dead week.

    This year, due to cutbacks in library staff hours, we only had 2 of our usual 4 library staff on duty during finals week, so were pretty much just keeping the building open until winter break.

  2. In past, we partnered with a nearby Starbucks to provide free coffee to students during the day for a couple of days during finals. The students really appreciated it!

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