Torah scroll dedication service attracts local media attention

Early in 2009 the library at Northwest Christian University received a donated 150 year-old Holocaust survivor Torah scroll. The scroll needed some repair work, so we contracted with a local Jewish craftsman to do the repair work and construct a storage/display case for it. On Friday, April 15, during our usual chapel service, we held a service of dedication for the repaired scroll and cabinet, inviting the craftsman and a local rabbi to participate. The event attracted significant media attention, including two local TV news reporters, a reporter from local NPR radio station KLCC, and a photo journalist from the local Register Guard newspaper. Pictures appeared on the front page of the Register Guard the next day. Here is a link to the KVAL news report, which was the most extensive.

The positive press has been wonderful for our small school, and great for the library’s political capital on campus. It has also been a good vehicle for improving interfaith connections between our Christian university and the local Jewish community, which are continuing even after the event.

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