Why EveryLibrary is important to academic libraries of all types

At least one academic institution has an initiative on the ballot this November. It is a bond referendum for Wake Technical Community College (Raleigh, NC) that, as part of an expansion, will add a “full-size library – more than twice the space of the current facility.” However, this is not the only reason that supporters and employees of academic libraries should be taking note of EveryLibrary. EveryLibrary is the first and only Federal level Political Action Committee. EveryLibrary is non-partisan and pro-library.  It takes money to do voter outreach and get-out-the-vote right.  No moneys are spent on party politics or candidates.

But what does that really mean to you? Here are a few things that EveryLibrary can do:

  • Assist libraries in both the pre-filing and campaign stages of an initiative.
  • Provide strategic consulting services, voter segmentation advice, and assistance in developing ballot language.
  • Conduct feasibility studies and assist in setting up a local committee or PAC.
  • Develop a fundraising strategy for your local committee or PAC.
  • Train volunteers in voter education and get-out-the-vote techniques.

From now until November 7th EveryLibrary is trying to raise $50,000 to be able to:

  • Fundraise nationally to transfer “seed money” to local ballot committees and PACs
  • Hire great campaign consultants to make sure we do voter outreach and education right
  • Fund full time staff to keep the PAC engine growing for future success

Please consider making a donation to EveryLibrary. Oregon, let’s help this great organization get some rubber on the ground!

Contact Erica Findley (erica.findley [at] pacificu.edu) if you have any questions.

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