ACRL Oregon & Washington Fall Conference is Next Week!

Thanks for registering for what promises to be a great fall conference at Menucha. Hopefully you’re as excited as we are to gather next week (Thursday – Friday, October 23-24, for those who need a reminder)!

To help you plan for your time at Menucha here are some reminders and tips:

What should you wear?

Comfy clothes that you can layer. And because we’re all Northwesterners, you’ll already have your raincoat and boots ready to go, right?

What should you bring?

Besides comfy clothes, plan to bring:

  • a notebook or other notetaking device (i.e., the swag is not a notebook this year);
  • your electronic device – there should be wireless available;
  • a water bottle (again – not the swag this year);
  • bedding and towels ARE provided – so only bring your favorite pillow if that’s important to you;
  • and the regular toiletry stuff that you need to make yourself look awake and smell pretty Friday morning.

What will we be doing?

A detailed schedule can now be found online, We will also have poster versions of the schedule at Menucha.

Really, when should I get there?

Check-in is from 11-12:00 on Thursday, but don’t wait until the last minute — schedule enough time to check in to your room, and then join everyone at 11:50 a.m. for an introduction to Menucha.

How do I get there?

Here are directions:

Any other questions?

Feel free to ask me. Additionally, there is lots more info on the ACRL-OR/WA conference website:

~ Hannah
(ACRL-OR President, 2014-2015)

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