New Exhibit at Portland State Library: “The Envious Tooth of Time”

“The Envious Tooth of Time”:
Early Printed Works from the PSU Library Special Collections

January 13 – March 23, 2011
Millar Library, 1st Floor Elevator Lobby
Portland State University 

In early modern Europe, Time was seen as a destructive figure, relentlessly gnawing away at the works of man. The remnants of the ancient past that manage to survive were often described as having escaped his “envious tooth.” This exhibition highlights original printed works from the Portland State University Library Special Collections, ranging from the fifteenth through eighteenth centuries, including the collection’s latest Gordon Hunter Fund acquisition, a rare 1613 edition of Cesare Ripa’s celebrated iconographic handbook, Iconologia.

This exhibit is curated by Jesse Locker, Assistant Professor of Renaissance & Baroque Art, Department of Art, Portland State University.

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