Interactive Historical SOU Campus Map

Curious how the Southern Oregon University campus has changed over time? Check out our new website that features a campus map with a year slider at    The new interactive map shows the addition (and sometimes subtraction) of buildings over time. You can change the year and see what buildings existed at that point in time.  You might try clicking on a building to see a picture of it.  If you’re curious to learn about the school before it came to be at this campus location, you can click on the Pre-1926 link.

Development of this site was a collaborative effort between one of our librarians, Emily Miller-Francisco, and her husband Grant Miller-Francisco, a GIS Analyst.  Grant provided the map-making expertise and Emily contributed her web skills and historical research.  Making the site work the way it does involved some sophisticated web programming including utilization of Google Fusion Tables, Google Maps API, jQuery, MySQL, and PHP.   Images are from the University Archives.

Check out the historical background of the SOU campus.  We hope you enjoy the new site!   Questions?  Contact SOU librarian Emily Miller-Francisco at

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