ACRL-OR Statement for Racial Justice

The Oregon Chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries/Academic Division of the Oregon Library Association (ACRL-OR) stands in solidarity with the Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA) and REFORMA Oregon in condemning the systematic social injustices and violence endured by Black people and all people of color. We support the principles of the Black Lives Matter movement and pledge our support to library workers and the communities we serve by advocating for the eradication of racial injustice and White supremacy in our profession. We recognize the pervasive role of both implicit and explicit racism in denying equal rights and equitable access, and commit to working toward becoming an anti-racist chapter that confronts, deconstructs, and dismantles the systems, policies, and procedures that reify racism and anti-blackness.

In order to effect change within our organization, the ACRL-OR Board commits to:

  • Exploring ways to support academic library staff in Oregon in doing anti-racist work, including providing professional development and staff training opportunities that counteract anti-blackness, racism, and White supremacy in librarianship; 
  • Assessing our internal processes and procedures and implementing systems that operationalize racial equity; 
  • Deconstructing the Whiteness of our professional organization by actively recruiting BIPOC library staff for leadership positions, and by working towards identifying and dismantling the barriers that prevent BIPOC library staff from engaging in organizational leadership;
  • Ensuring that an ACRL-OR Board member is represented on (and ACRL-OR is accountable to) the OLA’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Taskforce.

We recommend that academic library staff commit to: 

  • Engaging in an equity audit of current policies, processes, and procedures that have been built upon and support a legacy of White supremacy, and then work to rectify or dismantle these policies and procedures;
  • Advocating for anti-racist actions within our institutions;
  • Ensuring that patrons from historically marginalized groups feel welcomed and included in the spaces we manage (both in our libraries and our classrooms); 
  • Providing public programming and displays that further anti-racist causes; 
  • Pursuing professional development and staff training opportunities that counteract racism;
  • Making resource purchasing decisions using an equity lens;
  • Incorporating inclusive design and anti-racist pedagogical principles in teaching.

ACRL-Oregon Board