ACRL Information Literacy Immersion Program

The highly successful and prestigious ACRL Information Literacy Immersion Program provides instruction librarians the opportunity to work intensively for several days on all aspects of information literacy. There are several tracks for the IL Immersion Program, including the Practical Management Track, the Program Track, the Teacher Track, the Assessment Track, the Intentional Teaching Track, and the Teaching with Technology Track.

Our very own Elizabeth Brookbank, ACRL-Oregon Public Universities Representative (2013-2015) and Instruction Librarian at Western Oregon University, will be participating in the Immersion Teacher Track, which is scheduled for August 2-7, 2015, in Seattle.

The Teacher Track “focuses on individual development for those who are interested in refreshing, enhancing, or extending their individual instruction skills. Curriculum includes classroom techniques, learning theory, leadership, and assessment framed in the context of information literacy.”

When Elizabeth returns, she will write a post about her Immersion experience.

Stay tuned!

Several of our ACRL-Oregon members have been accepted into the ACRL Information Literacy Immersion Program throughout the years. If you have attended an Immersion Program, please leave a comment and share your experiences!

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