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While the Results Trickle In…

Thanks to Flickr user Mrs. Gemstone for the image

We’re still waiting for the results of yesterday’s gubernatorial election in our fair state, but so far we have good news for libraries. All ballot measures for libraries in Oregon have passed!

Residents of Damascus voted to gain access to Clackamas County Libraries, Multnomah County voters created a library district for Multhomah County Library, and Washington County Cooperatice Library Services’ levy was renewed. Moreover, voters turned out to support the Oregon Historical Society and its library.

Check out local election results over at Oregonlive.com or follow national election results on Politico.com’s 2010 Election Map.

Can you smell elections in the fall air?

I sure can! Newspapers have elections and voter guides on their web sites (the Oregonian’s is here), television ads are being run, and politicalese can be heard on the bus, in coffee shops, and on the radio.

There are ballot measures up in November that affect libraries:

Is there something happening in your district that we should know about? Please comment and let us all know.