Interview with Luke Kralik, Clatsop Community College

Continuing our interview series of reaching out to academic library leaders across the state to facilitate “getting to know” our colleagues… the next interview in this series is with Luke Kralik, the Library Director at Clatsop Community College, located in Astoria.

Thanks for talking with us, Luke!

1. Tell us a little bit about your work background.

I began my library career as a shelver for the Jackson County Library System and became a reference assistant once I started pursuing my MLS through Emporia’s distance program. When I completed my degree I was hired on as a part-time reference librarian.

Since then I have worked as a school librarian at Sacred Heart Elementary in Medford (eighteen storytimes a week!) a reference librarian at the Tillamook County Library (watched an ILS server die!) and as the library director at Tillamook Bay Community College (oversaw the library’s contribution towards the college’s successful accreditation!).

I currently work as the library director at Clatsop Community College, and am having a great time.

2. What has been the best thing that has happened to you since you started your position?

I have been at Clatsop for about a year now, and I would say the best thing that has happened to me has been the pleasure of working with the library staff. Their kindness is what really stands out. They genuinely put the needs of students first, and treat them with the respect and dignity they need to flourish. It is wonderful to be a part of!

3. What would you like Oregon academic librarians to know about you?

I have three of the best fishing partners on the entire North Coast (my daughters)! Even though many of our trips have ended with someone falling in the water, or a bathroom emergency, I wouldn’t want to fish with anyone else.

Luke Kralik fishing with one of his daughters
A good catch of the day! Luke Kralik fishing with one of his daughters.

4. What is the biggest challenge facing your library in the upcoming year?

With our Seventh Year accreditation visit just a couple of years away, the entire campus is focusing on establishing and refining our assessment activities. While I embrace and value the benefits of assessment — refining, creating and implementing sound assessment practices can be a little daunting.

5. What would you like Oregon academic librarians to know about your institution?

I think that when most people think of Clatsop Community College they think of the wonderful atmosphere and breathtaking views of the main campus. What many visitors are unaware of is our equally impressive Marine and Environmental Research and Training Station or MERTS.

Located near the mouth of the Columbia River, the MERTS campus is home to our Fire Response & Research Center, our Industrial & Manufacturing Technology Center, and the Forerunner, our 50’ bright yellow training vessel.

The next time you find yourself on the main campus, be sure to ask for a tour of our MERTS center!

6. What does advocacy for academic libraries look like from your perspective as a library director?

Communication! We have a lot of great folks doing amazing work here in the library. I feel that it is my job as the director to let the rest of the campus know. I share as much as I can with the entire campus, whether it is survey results, new resources, or ongoing efforts. I feel sharing this information helps strengthen our connection with the library advocates across the campus, as well as helps open the door for feedback we might normally not receive.

It is not always easy being the person who is constantly sending out “all employee” emails, but I feel it has to be done!

John Schoppert, ACRL-OR Legislative Representative (2015-2017)
Director of Library Services
Columbia Gorge Community College

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