ACRL Oregon and OLA want YOUR feedback on the OLA Vision 2020 statement!


We’ll focus on each of Vision 2020’s four statements over the coming months, in hopes of generating a discussion on what the visions mean for academic librarians

Each month we’ll send out an email to the membership and post that month’s vision statement on the ACRL Oregon blog — we hope you will share your thoughts on how to bring the vision to fruition over the next 10 years.

All feedback is welcome – brainstorming new roles/services, critical analyses of the vision, services ACRL Oregon should be providing, etc!  At the end of the four months we’ll forward all comments to the OLA Vision 2020 Committee so our communities’ voices are heard.



So let’s begin – *academic librarians are already doing almost every one of the following bulleted points today(!) But what should we be prepping for today to meet near future challenges? How can ACRL Oregon leverage its resources best to support academic librarians statewide? :





In 2020, Oregon librarians will rely on dynamic professional networks — local, statewide and beyond — for resources, support and expertise.
Together our libraries will:
  • Build, develop and provide access to collections.
  • Create and share opportunities for professional development and training.
  • Extend library services to all Oregonians, at home and around the state.
  • Negotiate with vendors and publishers.
  • Develop and share best practices, standards, technologies, templates and tools.
  • Advocate for broader access, useful legislation and a robust information infrastructure.


  1. Hi All – just some initial thoughts on some of the bullet points….

    Professional development/training: I would like to see ACRL Oregon (and maybe Orbis Cascade) develop more robust tools to find out what kinds of trainings, etc the membership need and then make it happen – either by registering for upcoming sessions or specially contracting with people to do a presentation on a topic of our choice (at present, it seems more likely that organizations make those decisions than the other way). What do we need to do this: better input forms, email or blog surveys? what kind of frequency would capture issues that come up quickly while also capturing ongoing needs?

    Develop and share best practices: we are doing this already to some extent, maybe we need more PR of existing in-state and national practices? Could ACRL Oregon blog be a good fit for that for our members? Do academic librarians get ‘credit’ on their tenure and/or promotion for these kinds of activities? Just wondering if there may be structural issues that impede people sharing? Could/Should ACRL Oregon be a resource or ‘wharehouse’ for finding these kinds of practices? How do we get busy people in touch with what is already out there, so they don’t inadvertantly reinvent the wheel?

    Broader access/useful legislation: I would like to see ACRL Oregon develop more ties with other academic interest groups across the state (OUS has a legislative office in Salem for instance). What are our common interests? How can we work together to advance higher education in Oregon?

    Just my two cents- take care, Robin

    1. I think my post below on measuring the value of academic libraries fits in with your point on developing and sharing best practices. I’m not sure if a blog would work for a measurement archive, but something like this could perhaps exist on the web site or we could link to ACRL National if they collect these experiences and measures

  2. After reading parts of ACRL’s Value of Academic Libraries report, I’m considering ways libraries can advocate to campus stakeholders by demonstrating their active support of institutional priorities. The Report emphasizes the need to measure value and assess services quantitatively and qualitatively. I would like ACRL-Oregon to be a resource for information sharing on practical measurements and other actions that aid academic library advocacy in the campus community, especially during these tight fiscal times.

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