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Spring is Here…and It Is Time for ACRL-OR Board Nominations

Attention ACRL-Oregon members! Want to make your mark on academic librarianship in Oregon? ACRL-OR Board is looking for candidates to run in our upcoming spring elections (beginning of May).

ACRL-Oregon logoThe ACRL-OR Board has three (3) open positions:

It an exciting time to be on the ACRL-OR Board! We’ve revamped our online presence; we’re hosting a fabulous reception at ACRL 2015 Portland; we’ve planned a great lineup at OLA 2015; and planning will soon get underway for the 2016 Joint Fall Conference at Menucha hosted by ACRL-OR. Consider adding your energy and creativity to the work we do together!

To nominate yourself, please head over to our online nomination form. We will ask you to address the following:  your education, your position, professional activities, and honors/projects/publications/presentations. Please note that candidates for Vice-president/President-elect will need to provide a Candidate’s Statement.

Those seeking to stand for election should note that there are several membership requirements:

  • Vice-president/President-elect candidates must be members of OLA, ACRL-Oregon and ACRL National
  • Member-at-Large candidates must be members of OLA and ACRL-Oregon

The deadline for self-nomination is on or around Friday, April 20, 2015. Any questions, please feel free to contact Uta at uta.hussong-christian@oregonstate.edu

~ Uta,  ACRL-OR Vice-president, 2014-2015

Uta Hussong-Christian
Instruction & Science Librarian | Associate Professor
Oregon State University Libraries

Your Action Needed! Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act (FASTR) reintroduced in 114th Congress

The bipartisan FASTR Act, reintroduced in both the U.S. House and Senate, would require that U.S. federal government agencies with extramural research budgets in excess of $100 million establish consistent, permanent public access policies for articles reporting on their funded research. Today’s SPARC press release notes that “articles reporting on the results of taxpayer-funded research would be made available to the general public to freely access and fully use.  FASTR would codify the 2013 White House Directive to provide greater public access to taxpayer-funded research.”

Academic librarians across Oregon can play an important role in supporting such legislation…make your support known to your elected representatives. SPARC provides an editable letter which can be submitted online to your legislators.Please support the FASTR Act today!

Uta Hussong-Christian
ACRL-OR Vice-president (2014-2015)
Instruction & Science Librarian | Associate Professor
Oregon State University Libraries

ACRL-Oregon sponsored programs at OLA Conference 2015

OLA Conference logo 2015Zines, Online Privacy, Whiteboards, Readers Advisory for College Students, THE Framework, New Tech, and Snacks! There’s something for everyone here, not to mention the great programming that melds the best of academic and public librarianship. Plus, there are the great informal conversations and topics you’ll engage in with colleagues from across the state. You know you want to come!

There’s still time for early-bird registration for this year’s OLA Conference, “Libraries Cultivating Creativity“! The deadline for special early-bird registration pricing is this Friday, March 13. This year’s OLA Conference will take place in Eugene, Oregon, from April 15 – Friday, April 17, 2015.

Below are the list of OLA Conference programs sponsored, or co-sponsored, by ACRL-Oregon. Most of our sponsored programs this year are scheduled for Friday, April 17. If you are leaning toward the option for 1-day-only conference pricing, this would be a great option to get the most bang for your (academic) buck!

That said – notice the social option on Wednesday – we hope to see you there!

For the full conference schedule and registration information, please visit the OLA Conference 2015 website.

Time:  Wednesday, April 15, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Title:  ACRL-Oregon Reception (AKA – Hanging Out With Librarian Friends)
Location:  First National Taphouse, 51 W. Broadway, Eugene (an easy walk from the Convention Center)
Description:  Come enjoy hors d’oeuvres and a no-host bar with fellow librarians. Everyone is welcome.

Time:  Session 3, Thursday 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.
Title:  Zines 101
Description:  Zines are self-published works made for passion, rather than for profit. Public, school, academic, and special libraries have built collections of zines, but they’re also a helpful teaching tool. We will share a hands-on Zines 101 workshop, covering the history and culture of zines and tips for making them, as well as giving participants time to contribute a page to a collaborative zine.
Speakers:  Kelly McElroy, Oregon State University; Lillian Karabaic, Independent Publishing Resource Center
Sponsors:  OR-ACRL

Time:  Session 4, Friday 8:30 – 10:00 a.m.
Title:  Cybercreeps, Data Miners and Peeping Uncle Sams – Teaching Patrons about Privacy Online
Description:  How can we help our patrons stay safe and protect their personal information online? In this session, school, public and academic librarians will provide tips and resources for training library users about the basics of online privacy protection, including using public computers and wifi networks safely, savvy use of social media, tracking by Google and other free web services, and awareness about data mining, scams and cybercrime. Learn about handouts, tutorials, and workshop ideas to help your library users stay safe online and reduce the size of their digital footprints.
Speakers:  Buzzy Nielsen, Hood River County Library District; Amy Honisett, Multnomah County Library; Garnetta Wilker, Portland Public Schools (retired); Roberta Richards, Portland Community College
Sponsors:  OR-ACRL, IFC

Time:  Session 5, Friday 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Title:  Capturing Learning in the Library Commons: A Whiteboard Photo-Ethnographic Study
Description:  Libraries are increasingly called upon to provide evidence of their contributions to, or impact on, student learning. Whiteboards, which fill many learning spaces, furnish evidence via student-generated visualizations. Librarians at Oregon State University undertook an exploratory, term-long, photo-ethnographic study to determine the types of visualization activities in which students engage to help them learn. Results show differences in visualization activities across discipline groups and suggest the need to design study spaces to accommodate those needs. This study serves as a model for those seeking to identify and convey ways in which learning spaces support and contribute to student learning.
Speakers:  Uta Hussong-Christian, Oregon State University; Rick Stoddart, University of Idaho
Sponsors:  OR-ACRL

Time:  Session 5, Friday 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Title:  Privacy Technology — Tools for Protecting Your Patrons and Yourself on Public and Personal Computers
Description:  Data miners, cybercriminals and government spies are helping themselves to private information, so tech-savvy library staff need tools to fight back! This session will provide a practical toolkit to address a range of privacy challenges, including settings for public computers and wifi networks, mobile phone and social media settings, cloud computing, encryption, data breaches, and more. Bring your questions and your own tips to share.
Speakers:  Susan Mecklem, Davis Wright Tremaine law firm; Sean Park, Coos County Library Service District; Linda Rudawitz, Warner Pacific College.
Sponsors:  OR-ACRL, IFC

Time:  Session 6, Friday 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
Title:  Readers’ Advisory in Academic Libraries: A Creative Way to Contribute to Student Success
Description:  Narrative-length, self-directed reading facilitates critical thinking and information literacy skills-building, fosters creativity, increases empathy, and – for students – has been linked to greater overall academic achievement. Given this, readers’ advisory activities, while not generally within the purview of academic libraries, are a novel (no pun intended!) and creative way to contribute to student success. This session will examine the place of recreational reading and readers’ advisory in academic libraries. It will also discuss real-life experiences conducting readers’ advisory with college students, and tips for creatively and effectively promoting recreation collections and encouraging a culture of reading in your campus community.
Speakers:  Elizabeth Brookbank, Western Oregon University
Sponsors:  OR-ACRL

Time:  Session 6, Friday 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
Title:  Think Like a Scholar: Using the ACRL Framework to Shape Collaborative, Discipline-based Information Literacy Instruction
Description:  Collaborating with faculty on teaching information literacy (IL) is arguably one of the most difficult aspects of academic librarian work. In this session, we will present how we have used the concepts in ACRL’s draft Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education to guide conversations with faculty about teaching research competencies at Reed College. The Framework and its presentation of threshold concepts is particularly useful for developing discipline-specific teaching strategies and approaches when working with core and gateway courses. The session will include the content we developed in collaboration with faculty for courses in music, anthropology, history, and psychology.
Speakers:  Annie Downey, Ryan Clement, and Erin Conor, Reed College Library
Sponsors:  OR-ACRL

Time:  Session 6, Friday 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
Title:  Creativity in Technology: Current and Future Trends
Description:  Presentation on current and future technology trends in Oregon libraries and beyond with a look to future potential practices and current best practices. We will have specific examples from Oregon academic and public libraries, and plan to have some “idea boards” of future tech that may impact libraries in near future. The session will wrap up with an opportunity for attendees to share their favorite app and/or tech.
Speakers:  Darci Hanning, Oregon State Library; Esther Moberg, Seaside Public Library
Sponsors:  OR-ACRL, Library Technology Round Table

Celebrating Leadership at ACRL 2015 Portland!

By the time you read this post, the ACRL 2015 Conference will be just a few weeks away! Hopefully you are planning on attending and looking forward to a few fun days in Portland — our own “backyard.” One reason that I am really excited about this conference is because of the ACRL 2015 Leaders’ Reception the evening of March 27th. What are we celebrating, you ask? We’re celebrating ACRL leaders and the years of work they’ve undertaken to bring ACRL 2015 to fruition! A conference of this size is no small feat, and we just wanted to say Thank You to ACRL leader members for bringing the conference to PDX.

I have been coordinating the planning of this event for many months. In keeping with the “Go Local” movement, I am most proud of the fact that we worked to develop local-only funding. The reception is entirely supported by Oregon and Washington academic library donations and by individual donations from ACRL-OR and ACRL-WA members. Each of our donor libraries and individuals is listed on our ACRL 2015 Leaders’ Reception Donors page. This event, literally, would not be possible without their support. Thank you!

If you are current ACRL-OR or ACRL-WA member, here is one of the perks of your membership:  you should have received an email invite to this event! Go ahead… check your inbox… I’ll wait. The RSVP for the ACRL 2015 Leaders’ Reception is due by Saturday, March 7th, so don’t delay.

Will I see you at ACRL 2015? I sure hope so.

Uta Hussong-Christian
ACRL-Oregon Vice-President (2014-2015)
Oregon State University Libraries

Call for Proposals: ILAGO’s IL Summit 2015

ILAGO logoThe 9th annual ILAGO Information Literacy Summit will be held May 16, 2015 at Columbia Gorge Community College’s Hood River Campus. The theme for this year’s IL Summit is Accelerated Learning, but we invite a variety of presentations related to information literacy.

Oregon is implementing accelerated learning programs across the state, which enable high school students to earn college credit for courses that they take in a K-12 setting through partnerships with credit-granting community colleges and 4-year institutions. Examples include the Eastern Promise collaboration between colleges and school districts in rural parts of the state; and the Challenge and Senior Inquiry programs at Portland State University that serve the metro area.

We are particularly interested in proposals for presentations that help us understand the implications of accelerated learning for librarians and for students acquiring information literacy skills, such as:

  • Perspectives of school librarians serving high school students enrolled in college classes
  • Impact of accelerated learning on public librarians
  • Partnerships between college/university libraries and accelerated learning programs
  • Insight on the new landscape of high school
  • Best practices for providing equivalent library resources and services to K-12 students
  • Success stories of students in accelerated programs and beyond
  • Other information literacy topics are welcome as well!

The IL Summit typically has 60-80 attendees who come from many areas of practice (higher ed, public, K-12) and are eager to hear new ideas and ways to approach information literacy. We invite you to submit proposals for panels, presentations, discussions on best practices, and other programs.

Programs should be designed to run for a total of 45 minutes including Q&A.

Program proposals will be accepted until Friday, March 13, 2015.

Please submit your proposals here: ILAGO IL Summit Program Proposal

ILAGO IL Summit Program Proposal 2015
We look forward to hearing from you.


Amy Hofer
Coordinator, Statewide Open Education Library Services
PCC Southeast Library Room 206
2305 SE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR 97216

Adoption of Oregon school library standards

As we detailed last week, this is the kick-off post to what will hopefully be a long-running monthly series of posts by ACRL-OR Board members. These posts will cover topics ranging from what is happening at specific academic libraries in Oregon, to statewide initiatives that ACRL-OR or OLA are dealing with, to national-level ACRL goings-on.

Each board member is assigned to one of the 58 (who knew!?!) academic libraries in Oregon, but if you have something to share from your local context, feel free to go straight to either the current ACRL-OR President or the Communications Coordinator — see our Board Members page for contact info — and we can help to share your news or ideas.

OASL School Library StandardsThis month, I’d like to briefly highlight some library happenings at the state level. For the past two years, one of the goals of ACRL-OR has been to find ways to support our colleagues who are school librarians or media specialists. Many of you are likely aware of the decline in school libraries across the state (and country) and the impact this has had on school media specialists. As academic librarians, we are concerned about this issue, both because this affects our colleagues, but also because of the impact this shift has on students as they transition to the post-secondary environment. Without a foundation of information literacy instruction provided in the K-12 setting, college and university students’ potential for success is markedly diminished.

One of the ways the Oregon Association of School Librarians has sought to strengthen their position is through the endorsement of school library standards (https://sites.google.com/site/oregonschoollibrarystandards/) by the State Board of Education. ACRL-OR was one of many groups who wrote letters in support of this initiative. As you may know, on January 22, 2015, the Oregon State Board of Education adopted the Oregon School Library Standards. Wahoo!

There is certainly much work ahead for Oregon’s school libraries, but hopefully this is a step in the right direction. Academic librarians can add their support to school libraries by talking to school administrators and local legislators. We need to work as a team as we all seek to cultivate life-long learners, critical thinkers, and engaged citizens.

Hannah Gascho Rempel
ACRL-OR President (2014-2015)
Oregon State University Libraries
Corvallis, OR 97331

New blog liaison model for ACRL-Oregon

Last month, the ACRL-Oregon board decided on an exciting new blog liaison model for our website. When our new website and blog began a few years ago, the board began a blog liaison model with volunteer correspondents from academic libraries around the state contributing news from their respective libraries. You can read more about that here and here. A huge thank you to all the volunteer correspondents throughout the years!

With this new model, ACRL-Oregon board members have “adopted” academic libraries around the state, as you can see here on our newly updated blog liaison list. Each board member will then contribute content, interviews, and/or news on the blog throughout the year, for the benefit of ACRL-Oregon members.

We have also had the opportunity to expand the list of academic library liaisons. In the previous model, there were a little over 30 blog liaisons and libraries listed; there are now almost 60 libraries (!) currently listed, as taken from the directory of Oregon academic libraries from the Oregon State Library website.

Look for the first post published under this new blog liaison model, which will be coming your way soon! :)

Of course, if anyone would like to share news or happenings from your library or region, feel free to contact the ACRL-Oregon board directly — check out our Board Members page for contact info — so we can share with everyone!


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