New/old faces at OHSU

There have been many changes in staff at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Library in Portland, Oregon in the last few months. A summary:

  • Steve Teich retired at the end of June.
  • We have hired Jackie Wirz.  Jackie received her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at OHSU, where her dissertation work focused on collagen and collagen-modifying enzymes.  She has performed research in a variety of disciplines, ranging from fish virology to transcriptional regulation.  Some highlights of her scientific career include successfully mapping out the DNA binding footprint of a repair enzyme, solving the crystal structure of a protein trimerization domain, receiving a fellowship from the National Science Foundation, presenting a demonstration on redox chemistry to 500 girl scouts and breaking a wide variety of scientific equipment.  Luckily, she has also learned how to repair scientific equipment.  Although her research work has spanned over 15 years, her interest in libraries extends to her elementary school days when she volunteered to read stories at her local library.  A devoted book nerd, Jackie reads books from a wide cross section of genres.  She also collects different editions of her favorite book, Jane Eyre.  On a professional level, Jackie is fascinated by the interdisciplinary nature of library science.  She looks forward to using her research experience to enhance the user experience at the OHSU library.  Jackie will be at the PNC meeting, so those of you attending will be able to meet her there.
  • Karen Lippert has rejoined the department after a 5+ year absence to fill a part-time, temporary position.
  • Nicole Vasilevsky accepted the position of Scientific Data Curator at the OHSU Library on the eagle-i project.  She began work on Monday, September 20.  Nicole completed a PhD in cellular and molecular biology at OHSU in 2009 and has recently completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at Legacy Health Research.  She serves on the Advisory Board for the Bioscience Technology Department at Portland Community College, where she teaches the Introduction to Bioscience Technology course.  Her research interests are in the area of cancer immunotherapy.

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