Update from Clatsop Community College

Hello from Astoria! I’d just like to give everyone an update from our corner of the world. We’ve been busy this year expanding how we teach information literacy. I’ve continued to teach Lib127 as well as two Humanities classes – an Introduction to Graphic Novels and a Technology and Privacy class. In each class I collaborated with a different faculty member – an art instructor in the graphic novels class and a math instructor in the privacy class.

The collaboration aspect in our Humanities classes is a wonderful way for a librarian to form partnerships across campus, as well as collaboratively embed information literacy in diverse course content. The experience of teaching these classes has been extremely rewarding. We plan to teach the same courses next year.

Currently, our library is in the midst of spearheading a campus reads project. We’ve chosen George Orwell’s 1984 because of it’s lasting relevance in so many aspects, including technology and privacy. We plan to have discussions and events throughout the Spring term.

So, that’s the main news from our library. Thanks!

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