2013 ACRL Legislative Agenda

The ACRL Update announced the 2013 ACRL Legislative Agenda today. It:

focuses on three issues that the U.S. Congress has recently taken, or will most likely take, action on in the year ahead: first sale doctrine, public access to federally funded research, and federal funding for libraries. New this year, the agenda includes a watch list of policy issues of great concern to academic librarians. Legislation on these issues is not likely to arise and, moreover, ACRL does not believe that any legislation about these issues is necessary. Issues on the watch list are: government information, safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, orphan works/section 108, and fair use. ACRL will continue tracking these issues and advocate for the best interests of academic and research libraries, if necessary.

The announcement also reminds members to advocate for libraries by contacting their representatives in Congress in May as part of Virtual Library Legislative Day. There will be events during the week of May 6-10, 2013.


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