2014 ACRL-Oregon Award for Excellence Winner

The annual ACRL-Oregon Award for Excellence recognizes an individual or group who achieves excellence in the field by significantly improving Oregon academic libraries or librarianship.

This year’s award winner is The Library User-experience & Assessment Un-Conference (LUAU) team. LUAU is recognized for the team’s positive impact on Oregon libraries by bringing together academic librarians from across the Pacific Northwest.

The LUAU team members include Rick Stoddart (OSU/UI), Donna Reed (PCC), Diane Provak (UI), Frank Haulgren (WWU), Kate Rubick, (L&C), Laura Zeigen (OHSU), Lori Ricgilano (UPS), Meredith Farkas (PSU/PCC), Steve Borellii (WSU), Steve Hiller (UW), and Anya Arnold (Alliance).

LUAU built trust to share library assessment expertise across the Alliance and with non-Alliance members within the Northwest area; identified library assessment experts and projects within the Alliance; and articulated common library assessment priorities in the field.

ACRL-Oregon commends this team for their initiative in pursuing grant money to assist in funding the project, fostering new relationships, and their commitment to potentially regularly holding the un-conference.

LUAU was funded through a grant from the Orbis Cascade Alliance.

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