Tony Greiner from PCC to Chicago (for a week)

From Tony Greiner:

The NEH offers seminars for community college faculty, as well as others for all academic faculty. These are great continuing education opportunities and I will be attending one in August, hosted by the Newberry Library, which will focus on the Pullman Company, its town, and the famous Pullman strike. It will also have material on the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters Union. I’m particularly tickled to spend a week in the Newberry, and happy that they have a relationship with a ‘by the week’ apartment rental that gives me a week in downtown Chicago for $350!

I went to a similar seminar last summer in Mississippi on the Civil Rights movement that was one of the best things I have ever done. The NEH considers librarians as faculty, even if by contract they are not. Are you listening Mt. Hood?

This year’s Community College Seminars (too late to apply, but inspiration for next year.)

This year’s NEH seminars for all academics:

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