Shooting Turkeys in the Library

Our annual Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot began Nov 18th in the Northwest Christian University library. Staff and student workers create construction paper turkeys (and they get very creative) and tape them to the window behind the circulation desk. Turkey feet are taped to the floor in front of the desk at specified intervals. Anyone coming in to the library has three trys each day to hit any of the turkeys on the window standing at the turkey feet on the floor, using rubber band guns a former student worker’s father graciously made for us. If they hit a turkey, they get a piece of candy and an entry into our drawing for a $30 movie gift card Wed at noon right before Thanksgiving. This event started several years ago as something for student workers to do when our computer system was down for three days shortly before Thanksgiving. Someone added the idea of shooting at the turkeys in a contest as a fun way to encourage students (and others) who might not otherwise visit the library to come in and have a fun and positive experience. It has become an annual tradition that everyone in the library, and many outside the library, look forward to each year.

What do other libraries do to recognize the Thanksgiving holiday?

Oh yeah, as a result of creating this post, our library has a brand new Flickr account to experiment with as well 🙂

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  1. We don’t do anything to celebrate Thanksgiving here (aside from be closed for the holiday), but this sounds fun. A few weeks ago we had a “luau in the library” open house for our students and that was fun.

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