OLA Legislative Day is February 7th

Fast approaching is OLA’s Legislative Day. Mark your calendars for February 7th to head to Salem, make virtual visits and phone calls, to speak to your state representatives about issues that are important to you and your library patrons.
Oregon State Capitol in Salem

Details about Legislative Day’s schedule are posted to the OLA Legislative Network Wiki.

There will be a briefing on legislative issues and documents you can take with you during your office visits, so any worries you might have about not being up to date on issues should be alleviated. Representatives want to hear from constituents and Legislative Day is a great way to make that connection.

What you can do right now in preparation for Legislative Day:

  • Plan to be out of the office or schedule some time on February 7th to make phone calls and send e-mails to your representatives.
  • Find out who are your representatives, if you don’t already know.
  • Find out on the OLA Legislative Day Office Visit wiki page what appointments and/or contacts have already been made. If someone has already contacted your representative for an appointment you can try to go with them to that appointment.
  • If no one’s made an appointment with your representative, go ahead and make one. (Be sure to update the appointment information on the wiki page!) You can also put down your name without a time to indicate that you’d like to go with someone.

I’m in the process of compiling information to share about the issues we’d like to discuss with our representatives and will post more information soon. However, if you have any questions about legislative day feel free to contact me. You can reach me via e-mail: fordem@ohsu.edu or phone 503-494-3915.

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