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Last week, all three full time faculty librarians at Mt Hood Community College–Teresa Hazen, Julia Longbrake and Anna Johnson–were given layoff notices. Yep, you read that right: 100% of the full time professional library staff has been pink slipped. This news came as a shock to the library and the campus, where faculty, students, and staff continue to voice clear support for our faculty librarians and their critical roles on this campus.

Concerned members of the library community are encouraged to contact MHCC’s library director Jeff Ring at

More information can be found on this website, which currently features a story about these layoff notices:


  1. As an emeritus professor at the University of Arizona Library School, I am amazed and disappointed to hear that you have pink-slipped your three professional librarians. How can a collection of materials be made to serve students without professional guidance? In short, this is an outrage. For the sake of your students, please reconsider Donald C. Dickinson

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