Special study and reading rooms at PSU Library

Like most academic libraries, Portland State University Library has several study rooms for students. But we also have a few rooms that are a little bit different.

The Family Friendly Study Room was designed for student-parents and their children. This room can accommodate two family groups at a time and includes two workstations for students and a play/reading area for children. The room is the result of the Library’s collaboration with the Helen Gordon Child Development Center with the support of the Office of Information Technologies.

The Faculty Reading Room was a joint project of the PSU Library and campus AAUP chapter. The room is designed as a well-equipped library carrel in which faculty members can get away from their offices for quiet reading, reflection, writing, and study. When fully occupied, the room can accommodate six people, four in armchairs and two at workstations equipped with scanners and connected to the campus network and networked printing in the Library.

Does your library have any special reading rooms?

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