Hannah’s ACRL 2015 Top 3

We are posting a series of personal posts from ACRL-Oregon board members, highlighting personal experiences and perspectives of attending the ACRL 2015 Conference. Why? To help celebrate the national conference that took place in our state, to personalize the national conference experience for our local ACRL members, as well as to showcase the diversity of professional development and networking opportunities available through ACRL.

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First up is ACRL-Oregon President (2014-2015) Hannah Gascho Rempel, with her “Top 3” — let’s count it down!

1.  Portland Transit Pass

ACRL-Oregon stickerThe best swag ever — after our ACRL-OR stickers of course! (seen at right) Having free reign to go anywhere, any time in Portland was great! An excellent sustainability idea, even if all I really used it for was to get back and forth from my hotel.

2.  Great keynote speakers

If you haven’t read, listened to, or (again) read anything by or about G.Willow Wilson, Jad Abumrad, or Lawrence Lessig – get to it. Hopefully you will come away thinking a little differently about the world around you, which is an excellent thing for librarians (and most other human beings) to do on a regular basis.

3.  ACRL-OR Reception

A great time was had by all at the ACRL-OR/WA reception at The Benson Hotel’s Crystal Ballroom. Thanks to all who supported and attended the reception! We were even important enough to have dueling ACRL Presidential candidates wooing our votes!

~ Hannah Gascho Rempel, ACRL-OR President (2014-2015)
Associate Professor & Science Librarian
Oregon State University

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