Zotero Trainer Workshop

Sign up now for the only west coast Zotero Trainer Workshop this summer, which will be held at Oregon State University’s Valley Library in Corvallis on July 11-12, 2013.

During these intensive (and fun!) two day events, participants acquire an in-depth understanding of Zotero’s capabilities, how to extend those capabilities, and how Zotero can best meet their users’ needs. Participants also learn and share best-practices for teaching and supporting Zotero at their institution and approaches for developing institution-specific documentation.

The workshops are targeted at librarians and anyone else who supports or wants to support Zotero at their institution or department. While basic familiarity with Zotero is recommended, there are no technical prerequisites for participating.

The cost to attend the workshops is $350. Due to the hands-on nature of the events, enrollment is limited. Sign up while there is still space!

The workshops will be conducted by Sebastian Karcher, one of Zotero’s most active community developers, who has a wealth of experience using, supporting, and developing Zotero. Contact him with any questions about the workshop at karcher [at] u.northwestern.edu or for location-based questions ask Hannah Rempel at hannah.rempel@oregonstate.edu

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