“Receiving this award was an honor”: Past ACRL-OR Awards for Excellence revisited!

The ACRL-Oregon Award for Excellence recognizes a project that demonstrates excellence in the field by significantly improving Oregon academic libraries or librarianship. Help us recognize the work of our colleagues — your nominations matter!

As this year’s nominations open, we’re checking in with past recipients to get project updates and hear what the award meant for them. The 2016 award went to the Open Oregon Educational Resources project . We caught up with project rep Amy Hofer to reflect on the award and the status of the project.

  1. What did receiving this award mean to you or your team?

Receiving this award was an honor. Recognition from my Oregon library peers, an awesome bunch of librarians, really means so much to me. Coming just a year after John Schoppert at Columbia Gorge Community College received the Award for Excellence for his OER efforts shows that our community cares deeply about access to resources and student success.

  1. How has this project evolved or changed since receiving the award?

Open Oregon Educational Resources started in 2015 with my hire as the OER Librarian for Oregon’s 17 community colleges. Starting this year, the state is adding the 7 public universities to my docket as well.  

  1. What’s an excellent thing happening in or around our profession that you’re really excited about?

Librarians are the leaders when it comes to textbook affordability. Our roles and work are changing to accommodate different aspects of OER projects. At the same time, there is more public discussion of work-life balance and understanding that we can’t just keep adding to our already-full plates. We have a real opportunity to evolve sustainably.

  1. Why should someone nominate a project for the ACRL-OR Award for Excellence?

Because it’s always a good feeling to bring attention to good work!

More information on the nomination process and past winners can be found on the ACRL-Oregon website. The nomination period closes at 11:59pm on August 31, 2018.


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