Apr. 12: College Students, Technology, and Academic Workflows (OSU Libraries & Press)

The OSU Libraries & Press Library Faculty Association invites interested colleagues to the April presentation in our 2012-2013 Seminar Series. The upcoming seminar focuses on College Students, Technology, and Academic Workflows and will feature two presentations looking at different aspects of this topic.

Finding Techknowledgey (Allyson Dean)

In an increasingly digital world, college assignments require students to complete demonstrations of their competency in not only their subject, but in the technology needed to complete the assignment.  This session disseminates students’ perceptions around the hidden curriculum of understanding technology, having consistent access to technology, and knowing what questions to ask or resources to seek to succeed in using technology for university coursework.

The Impact of Mobile Devices on Undergraduate Students’ Information Practices (Anne-Marie Deitering & Margaret Mellinger)

Six OSU undergraduate students were given iPads and followed over 20 weeks using case study methods to track how they integrated the devices into their information workflows —and how they did not. Analysis of the research data led to greater awareness of the cyclical nature of student information and study habits. Results suggest that students would benefit from incorporating technology into their academic rhythms early in their college career, ideally in the first year.


  • Allyson Dean is Head Advisor and Recruiting Specialist, College of Education, Oregon State University
  • Anne-Marie Deitering is the Franklin A McEdward Professor for Undergraduate Learning Initiatives and Head, Teaching & Engagement Department at Oregon State University Libraries & Press
  • Margaret Mellinger is Emerging Technologies and Instruction Librarian at Oregon State University Libraries & Press

When:  Friday, April 12, 2013, 10:00-11:30am

Where:  Willamette Industries Seminar Rooms (3622), Valley Library, Oregon State University, Corvallis campus.

Please contact Uta Hussong-Christian, uta.hussong-christian@oregonstate.edu, with any questions.

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