Get your (WorldCat Mobile) APPS on!

**FYI! Robin Paynter, ACRL-Oregon Communications Coordinator
Introducing a pilot service: WorldCat Mobile
* Search for library materials—Enter search terms such as keywords, author or title
* Find a WorldCat library near you—Enter your ZIP, postal code or location in the Libraries Locator
* Call a library—Highlight and click the phone number in a library listing to place a call
* Map a route—Find the fastest way to a WorldCat library using the mapping software already on your device

Type this URL into your phone’s Web browser:

Now you can use your mobile phone to find materials in libraries near you —and help us test this pilot service. Available to people in the the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France and the Netherlands, the year-long pilot lets you try out mobile search of WorldCat libraries and suggest improvements or additional features.

WorldCat has partnered with mobile-technology leader Boopsie and joined its growing array of search “channels” that let you quickly access popular Web applications including Google, Wikipedia and Facebook; look up retail locations such as Starbucks and FedEx; and check news, weather, traffic reports and much more!

When you download the Boopsie application to your phone, you get library search plus these additional channels, as well as its “smart prefix” feature that allows you to type only the first few letters of search keywords and view results instantly as you type.

Once you’ve used on your mobile phone, let us know what you liked and what you’d like to see improved. (We are aware of issues regarding how the application interacts with mapping software on various phones.) Please tell us the details of your experience and suggestions for enhancements at

Using the Web browser on your mobile phone, navigate to to access the WorldCat mobile application. The application is compatible with these phones and mobile operating systems:

* Windows Mobile 5.0 (Video tutorial)
* Blackberry (Video tutorial)
* Palm OS 5.4 or later
* Apple iPhone
* Nokia (Video tutorial)
* MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1 Java


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