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ACRL-Oregon at OLA 2012 Annual Conference

ACRL-Oregon sponsors a pre-conference, programs, and a social event at every OLA Annual Conference. We are pleased to present a slate of programs and events of interest to academic librarians statewide.

For current information and blog posts about programs, meetings, and events sponsored by ACRL-Oregon at the OLA Annual Conference, click the “OLA Annual” category.

Below is archived information about ACRL-Oregon programs at the OLA 2012 Annual Conference:

PRECONFERENCE: Wednesday, April 25,  1:00pm-5:00pm

Getting to the Heart of Online Instruction and Training

Join Meredith Farkas for this half-day workshop and learn how to:

Analyze your population(s) to determine the best mode(s) of instructional delivery
Determine the pros and cons of technologies for instruction and training
Develop a sustainable strategy for the creation, maintenance and integration of online learning materials
Head of Instructional Services at Portland State University and a lecturer at San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information Science, Meredith Farkas is also the author of the book, Social Software in Libraries: Building Collaboration, Communication and Community Online. In addition, she writes the monthly column “Technology in Practice” for American Libraries. Meredith was honored in 2008 and 2011 with the WISE Excellence in Online Education Award and in 2009 with the LITA/Library Hi Tech award for Outstanding Communication in Library and Information Technology.

Registration Fee: $40    |    Register on-line via the OLA website

SPONSORED PROGRAMS: Thursday, April 26 – Friday, April 27


Session I 11:00-12:30 pm – “Show Me the Money! Grantwriting Perspectives for Librarians”

Presenters: Karen Estlund (Head, Digital Library Services, UO) and John Russell (Librarian for History, African Studies and Medieval Studies, UO)

Description: Join University of Oregon librarians Karen Estlund (Head, Digital Library Services) and John Russell (Librarian for History, African Studies, and Medieval Studies and Oregon’s LSTA Grant Review Committee) as they discuss why obtaining grants for doing research or other special projects in library environments can be beneficial to your organization as well as an overview of the process of grant-writing, challenges, and do’s and don’ts.

Session II 2:00-3:00 pm – “Can We Really Do it All? The Challenges We Face as Librarians Who Teach”

Presenters: Anne-Marie Deitering (Franklin McEdward Professor for Undergraduate Learning Initiatives, OSU) and Kate Gronemyer (Instruction Librarian, OSU-Cascades)

Description: In 2009 and 2010 OSU librarians gathered dozens of stories from librarians who teach. In this presentation we will hear some of these stories, discuss what they mean for our practice, and see if there is wisdom to be gained from people who might not call themselves teachers.

Session III, 4:00-5:30 pm – “From Data Chaos to Data Curation: New Roles for Academic Librarians”

Presenters: Carla Pealer (Data curation librarian – OHSU), Thomas Johnson (Digital Applications Librarian, OSU), Brian Westra (Lorry I. Lokey Science Data Services Librarian, UO)

Description: Data curation is a relatively new area for academic librarians, and can seem complex and confusing. But isn’t that what we do best: bring order to chaos? Data curation rests on well-established practices of our profession: collection development, the reference interview, and cataloging/metadata. This session will provide an overview of this increasingly important topic, offer practical advice, and a give you a chance to flex your own data curation muscles. Data librarians at U of O, OSU, and OHSU will share their experiences and visions for their libraries.


Session IV  8:30-10:00 am – “Libraries and the Semantic Web”

Presenters: Carlo Torniai, Ph.D (Ontologist and Research Scientist, OHSU)

Description: What do all those acronyms (RDF, OWL, SWRL) and terms (Linked Open Data, triples, ontology) mean anyway? And why should we care? The Semantic Web already is affecting how we discover and share resources, and will continue to shape how we manage and access content and knowledge. Join Carlo Torniai on a madcap journey as he wrastles with the wild, world wide web and shows us how the Semantic Web is changing how we provide our users the resources they need. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers in this informal seminar-style session.

Session V  11:00 am – 12:30 pm – “Oh, the Choices We’ll Make! Reading in the Digital World”

Presenters: Uta Hussong, Christian (Instruction Librarian, OSU)  and Jane Nichols (Collection Development librarian, OSU)

Description: Preliminary findings from a current study of e-reader adoption among OSU librarians show that reading has changed, but not in expected ways. We will situate our presentation in the broader issues and questions about changing reading practices and literacies and how they influence adoption of reading devices. We will encourage audience feedback about their own e-reading habits as we consider whether technology shapes reading or if reading drives our choice of technology.

Session VI  2:00-4:00 pm – “Libraries and Humanism: A Book Discussion”

Presenters: Kimberly Willson-St. Clair (Reference & Instruction Librarian, PSU) and Emily Ford(Interim Urban & Public Affairs Librarian, PSU)

Description: All conference attendees are invited to read and engage in a discussion of Andre Cossette’s book Humanism and Libraries: An Essay on the Philosophy of Librarianship (79 pages). “The value of libraries only becomes a reality for each human being in that self-determination that has no other name than liberty….” will spark provocative ideas. Topic list for discussion will be distributed at the session. Bring your book!

SOCIAL EVENT: Wednesday, April 25: Time and Location TBA

Come refresh yourself after a long day pre-conferencing or kick off your OLA conference at the ACRL-Oregon reception!

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