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President: Position Description


The President must be a member of ALA/ACRL National, OLA/Academic Division (ACRL Oregon)


Serves a 3 year term (1st year as Vice President/President Elect; 2nd year as President; 3rd year as Past President)


  • Schedule and facilitate ACRL-Oregon Board meetings
  • Attend OLA Executive Board meetings and the summer OLA Board Retreat as the Chair of the Academic Division, e.g., ACRL-Oregon
  • Manage the financial affairs of ACRL-Oregon, including payments, reimbursements, and deposits
  • Take the lead role in planning and organizing Fall Conference (Menucha) every other year, including recruiting speakers, serving as the liaison to the Menucha Retreat and Conference Center, organizing Board’s planning tasks, and facilitating the program
  • Facilitate planning for ACRL-Oregon sponsored programs at OLA Annual Conference, including: recruiting programs to sponsor and coordinating ACRL-Oregon Board Members to introduce the programs
  • Appoint new Board Members to fill vacant positions

For more information about board member duties, visit the ACRL-Oregon Board Position Descriptions page.

For a list of current board members, visit the ACRL-Oregon Board Members page.

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