ACRL-OR at OLA 2008 Annual Conference

Tutorials 2.0 Pre-Conference | 9 am-4 pm Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sponsors: TRIP, ACRL-OR

Presenters: Anne-Marie Deitering, Rachel Bridgewater, Karen Munro

About: Teaching librarians and technology trainers have long used the Internet to create flexible, shareable learning objects and to augment their classroom instruction. Emerging web technologies now allow library instruction to become ambient, user-centered, agile, and responsive.

2008 OLA/WLA Joint Conference Survey Results

Library EnvironmentPercentage
Tech Services26%
Public Services42%
Responses to the question “How would you characterize your job?” (N = 38)
(1 = Very Interesting,
5 = Not Interesting)
Management of small academic libraries1.2
Making user-friendly catalogs1.7
Collection development & open access2.0
Culture shock in the library: Keeping up with change2.2
Competitors of libraries: What they do better2.2
Library assessment2.2
How to conduct usability tests2.2
Collection development of electronic resources2.2
Networking with students online2.3
Doing big things with very little2.3
Collection development & assessment2.3
Library liaison outreach2.4
Preservation of intellectual freedom & alternative perspectives2.4
Federated searching2.4
Current issues of copyrights & licensing2.5
Privacy & technologies in libraries2.5
Growing leaders within the library2.6
Cataloging electronic documents2.7
Information literacy2.7
Grant writing basics2.9
Records management3.1
Management of libraries apart of larger organization3.1
Cataloging serials3.2
Cataloging audie & video/DVDs3.2
Archives & museums3.3
Evaluating disaster plans3.4
Rating topics of interest on a scale of 1 to 5 (N = 38)

Additional topics suggested included the future of cataloging, management of small academic libraries, database construction for serials, and creating an assessment plan for a library.