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Attention ACRL Oregon Members:
Looking for an opportunity to get more involved with an active professional organization and to work with a great group of people? Run for a position in ACRL-OR’s upcoming spring election.

The open positions are:

To nominate yourself please fill out this form that includes the following information:

  • Your name.
  • Your present position–list your title, the name of the library and college or university and the dates of employment.
  • Previous positions, if desired–list no more than two, the most recent first.
  • Your education–list institutions attended, degrees conferred, and dates awarded.
  • Professional activities, such as memberships and positions held in national, state and/or regional library organizations (indicate name of organization, offices held and dates of service).
  • Honors, special projects, publications, and/or presentations–list no more than two recent examples of each of these.
  • Candidates for Vice President/President Elect also need to include a Candidates’ Statement explaining why you would like to be elected, which should be no more than 200 words


  • Vice-President/President Elect candidates must be members of OLA and ACRL-Oregon and national ACRL
  • Member-at-Large candidates must be members of OLA and ACRL-Oregon

To nominate someone else, email that person’s name and contact information to Steve Silver (ssilver@nwcu.edu) or Molly Gunderson (mgun2@pdx.edu)


Engagement Opportunity – Participate in a Research Study

Librarians at Penn State University are conducting a study on the presence and use of prayer spaces in academic libraries – and need your help!

If you are currently employed at or are a student at a college or university in
the United States, please consider responding to their survey before February 28. 2017.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and will not
collect any identifiable information.

Access the survey through this anonymous link:

Initial survey results will be available at ACRL 2017 in Baltimore, with future wide dissemination planned.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact the investigators:

Emily Mross, ELM43@psu.edu, 717-948-6130

Christina Riehman-Murphy, CER20@psu.edu, 215-881-7911

Wanted! ACRL Oregon Communications Coordinator

The ACRL Oregon Board is seeking its next Communications Coordinator. Do you enjoy creating and posting diverse web content? Do you enjoy volunteering alongside a motivated and collegial group of academic librarians? Are you looking for an opportunity to get involved with Oregon’s ACRL Chapter/OLA’s Academic Division? Well, ACRL Oregon has an opportunity for you! Consider being our next Communications Coordinator! Duties include:

  • Creating webpages for the ACRL-OR WordPress website (e.g., Fall Conference webpage, Past Conference webpage, OLA Annual Conference webpage, etc)
  • Creating forms (e.g., scholarship application form, conference registration form, etc)
  • Posting Board Meeting Minutes
  • Updating Board member information (September each year)
  • Coordinating with OLA Webmaster
  • Using Memberclicks Content Management System
  • Publicizing events and news of interest to academic librarians via multiple channels

The appointee must be a member of OLA/Academic Division (ACRL-Oregon) and will serve a 2 year term. See the full position description on the ACRL-OR website: https://acrloregon.org/position-descriptions/communications-coordinator/

Please contact Uta Hussong-Christian (current president) or Stephanie Debner (president-elect) by July 25th to express interest or to ask any questions.

We look forward to welcoming YOU to the ACRL-OR Board!

Make Your Academic Voice Heard: OLA Request for Academic Librarian Strategic Planning Priorities

Last summer, the OLA Board decided to embark on strategic planning. OLA wants to be the library association that you want and would be proud to be a participant in. After much deliberation, the OLA Board voted to hire a strategic planning consultant.

With Coraggio Group‘s help, the planning committee (Michele Burke, Robin Rolfe, Hannnah Rempel, Berenice Creecy, Elsa Loftis, and myself) has put together a survey.

Please help us achieve the best results possible for all of us in the Oregon library community by filling it out. The last date is April 15.

 OLA Strategic Plan Survey

If you have any questions, just ask me or one of the other planning committee members. Also, if you’d be interested in participating in a focus group, I’d love to hear that, too.

~Jane Corry
OLA President 2015-16

ACRL-OR Board: Call for nominations

Interested in serving the academic library community in Oregon? Is there someone you know that would be a shining addition to the ACRL-OR Board? Here is an opportunity to get involved! The ACRL-OR Board is looking for candidates to run in our upcoming spring elections.

The open positions are:

  • 1 Vice-President/President Elect (3-year term)
  • 2 Members-at-Large (2-year term)

View position descriptions and responsibilities for more information.

How to nominate:

To nominate yourself, a colleague or an employee, submit our online nomination form. The nomination period will close on Monday, April 25.

ACRL-OR Board Nomination Form


  • Vice-President/President Elect must be members of OLA and ACRL-Oregon and ACRL national
  • Member-at-Large candidates must be members of OLA and ACRL-Oregon


Email Stephanie Debner (stephanie.debner@gmail.com), who is our current Vice-President/President Elect, especially if you have any questions or concerns about the open positions.


The ACRL-OR Nominating Committee
Jennifer Cox
Stephanie Debner
Jen Klaudinyi

Spring is Here…and It Is Time for ACRL-OR Board Nominations

Attention ACRL-Oregon members! Want to make your mark on academic librarianship in Oregon? ACRL-OR Board is looking for candidates to run in our upcoming spring elections (beginning of May).

ACRL-Oregon logoThe ACRL-OR Board has three (3) open positions:

It an exciting time to be on the ACRL-OR Board! We’ve revamped our online presence; we’re hosting a fabulous reception at ACRL 2015 Portland; we’ve planned a great lineup at OLA 2015; and planning will soon get underway for the 2016 Joint Fall Conference at Menucha hosted by ACRL-OR. Consider adding your energy and creativity to the work we do together!

To nominate yourself, please head over to our online nomination form. We will ask you to address the following:  your education, your position, professional activities, and honors/projects/publications/presentations. Please note that candidates for Vice-president/President-elect will need to provide a Candidate’s Statement.

Those seeking to stand for election should note that there are several membership requirements:

  • Vice-president/President-elect candidates must be members of OLA, ACRL-Oregon and ACRL National
  • Member-at-Large candidates must be members of OLA and ACRL-Oregon

The deadline for self-nomination is on or around Friday, April 17, 2015. Any questions, please feel free to contact Uta at uta.hussong-christian@oregonstate.edu

~ Uta,  ACRL-OR Vice-president, 2014-2015

Uta Hussong-Christian
Instruction & Science Librarian | Associate Professor
Oregon State University Libraries

Attention ACRL-Oregon Members!

Want to make your mark on academic librarianship in Oregon? Or do you have someone else in mind that you think would be a great fit for the ACRL-OR Board? The ACRL-OR Board is looking for candidates to run in our upcoming spring elections.  The open positions are:

  • Vice-President/President Elect (3 year term)
  • 2 Members-at-Large (2 year term)

Position descriptions and responsibilities: http://www.olaweb.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=29
To nominate yourself go to this form. You will be asked to provide your name, your education, present position, previous positions (if desired), professional activities, and honors or special projects or presentations. If you are running for Vice President/President Elect, you will also need to include a Candidate’s Statement (200 words max) explaining why you would like to be elected.

  • Vice-President/President Elect candidates must be members of OLA and ACRL-Oregon and national ACRL
  • Member-at-Large candidates must be members of OLA and ACRL-Oregon

The deadline for nominations is April 25.

Questions?  Email Hannah Gascho Rempel at hannah.rempel@oregonstate.edu



OLA Legislative Day coming up F-A-S-T!

Edited 3/22/2013: Due to a conflict with a major gun rights rally at the Capitol, OLA’s Legislative day has been moved to Monday, April 8th.

April 4th is closer than you think.  *NOW* is the time to make appointments with your State Legislators for the Oregon Library Association’s Legislative Day, April 4, 2013.  You will have a better chance of getting an appointment if you do it right away instead of waiting until just before Legislative Day.

You do need to make your own appointments with the Legislators.  They prefer to make appointments with their own constituents so they need to hear directly from you.  I have found that calling them is the best way to make an appointment.  Usually they have very friendly staff who are very happy to set up the appointments.  I usually follow up with an email to the Legislator thanking them for agreeing to meet with us and include a short sentence about some of our concerns, including the State Library budget, Ready-to-Read, county law libraries, and intellectual freedom.  I don’t go into any detail in the email since we will do that during the appointment.

Go to http://olanetwork.wikispaces.com/OLA+Legislative+Day+Appointments and you will find a link to your Legislators contact information.  After you make the appointment please fill in the information on the form.

More information about the day may be found at

Legislative Day can be lots of fun and we will help you have some topics to discuss with your legislators. Nan Heim will be preparing a short issues brief that you may use.  You will find that just talking about Ready-to-Read and/or other things about the library services you provide will fill the time well.  You will seldom have more than 15 minutes with you. Legislators and they are great at talking themselves so the time goes fast.

Deadline Extended: ACRL-OR Board Seeks Candidates for our Spring Election!

Dear ACRL-Oregon Members,

The ACRL-OR Board seeks candidates for our spring election!

Joining the Board is a great way to participate in activities that have an impact on academic librarians in Oregon and develop relationships with your colleagues throughout the region. Board members attend 3-hour meetings 6 times per year, either in person or by phone, and take care of business via email between meetings. Members-at-large participate in board activities such as planning the fall conference, academic library advocacy, and elections. The President facilitates board meetings, attends OLA Executive Board meetings, and manages ACRL-OR’s finances. More information is available on the ACRL-Oregon website.

To submit a nomination, please visit the nomination form by April 15.  Please do not hesitate to nominate yourself!

The open positions are:

Members-at-Large: 2 open positions, 2 year term, candidates must be members of OLA and ACRL-Oregon.

Vice-President/President Elect: 1 open position, 3 year term, candidates must be members of OLA and ACRL-Oregon and national ACRL.


Information Literacy Advisory Group of Oregon (ILAGO) Seeking Nominations for 2012 Board Elections

The Information Literacy Advisory Group of Oregon is looking for nominations to for the following positions on the board:

Chair – 1 year term as chair / 1 year term as past chair

It is preferable the Chair position alternate from year to year between university/college, two year college, and K-12 representation.

The current Chair – Robert Monge is from a university/college. We encourage nominations for chair to be from a two year college or K-12 institution.

Vice Chair/Chair elect — 1 year term; acts as Chair the following 1 year term; acts as Past Chair for a 1 year term

K-12 representative – 2 year term

College/University Representative – 2 year term
Interested members should E-mail Robert Monge by May 25th.  Voting will take place from May 26th –June 8th.

Position descriptions:

Chair organizes the fall meeting and relevant board meetings throughout the year.  The chair coordinates with the working groups throughout the year. The Chair will work as needed with outside groups in the articulation of information literacy. The chair coordinates financial responsibilities with the board.

Vice-Chair/Chair Elect assumes the office of Chair after one year as Vice Chair. The vice-chair assists the Chair; becomes familiar with the on-going conversation around IL in Oregon; facilitates the Oregon IL conversation and IL articulation among ILAGO members; attends meetings and chairs meetings in the absence of the Chair.

K-12 Representative represents the information literacy interests of the K-12 community.  Representatives will participate in board meetings when possible and provide feedback, commentary, and vote on ongoing issues presented by the board.  K-12 representatives are encouraged but not required to attend the fall meeting, Spring Summit, and participate in workgroups as their schedule allows.

College/University Representative represents the information literacy interests of the college/university and will participate in board meetings when possible and feedback, commentary, and vote on ongoing issues presented by the board. College/University representatives are encouraged but not required to attend the fall meeting, Spring Summit, and participate in workgroups as their schedule allows.

Robert Monge
Instruction Librarian
Western Oregon University