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Registration Open for ACRL-OR/WA Joint Conference

ACRL-Oregon is please to announce that registration is open for the annual Joint Fall Conference at Menucha!  Join your Oregon and Washington colleagues to explore “Reimagining Advocacy: Personal, Professional, Political” on October 25th and 26th, 2018.

The submission period for lightening talks and poster presentations will be open soon so look for an upcoming announcement!  We look forward to hearing about the many creative ways you explore advocacy in your work.

Be sure to check out the information about this year’s pre-conference as well as keynote speakers and programming.  Scholarship applications will be open in August.

Information on registration, accommodations, and upcoming proposal submissions will be available on the Conference website.

See you at Menucha!

Steve Silver
ACRL-OR President
Northwest Christian University

Uta’s ACRL 2015 Conference Snapshot

So if you’ve read the posts below about ACRL 2015, you may have picked up on the fact that ACRL-OR was involved in a little reception for ACRL Leaders. I led the planning effort for that event, and am absolutely delighted that it turned out GREAT! We had about 80 guests during the course of the reception. ACRL board members, ACRL conference planners, ACRL chapter leaders and ACRL-OR and ACRL-WA members mingled and chatted in the lovely Crystal Ballroom of the Benson Hotel.

ACRL Leaders' Reception at ACRL 2015

At the ACRL Leaders’ Reception, left to right: Hannah Gascho Rempel (Oregon State and ACRL-OR President), Andrea Wirth (Oregon State), Isaac Gilman (Pacific University and ACRL-OR Past President), Laurie Bridges (Oregon State)

I am still ridiculously satisfied with the fact that we “went completely local” with funding. Generous support by local academic libraries and individual academic librarians made this event possible! My heartfelt thanks to all of them.

Beyond the reception, I did attend some great sessions focusing on ethnographic research techniques. I also very much enjoyed all three keynote speakers… not always a given for me. One takeaway that I can’t wait to share with students is the way that Thursday’s keynote speaker, Jad Abumrad, summarized his creative process.

“What? [pause] oh. [longer pause] What?? [pause] Oh. [longer pause] WHAT? [pause] Ohhhhhhhhh!”

For me, this perfectly summed up the information search process in general and really spoke to the iterative nature of research or other creative endeavors.

The rest of my takeaways are not this neatly packaged, but that is what post-conference processing is supposed to help with. Now I just have to make some time to do it!

~ Uta Hussong-Christian, ACRL-OR Vice-President (2014-2015)
Associate Professor & Instruction/Science Librarian
Oregon State University

Jennifer’s ACRL 2015 photo memories

We are posting a series of personal posts from ACRL-Oregon board members, highlighting personal experiences and perspectives of attending the ACRL 2015 Conference. Why? To help celebrate the national conference that took place in our state, to personalize the national conference experience for our local ACRL members, as well as to showcase the diversity of professional development and networking opportunities available through ACRL.

Would you like to add your own conference experience and/or photos to the ACRL-Oregon blog? Please contact us!

Next in our series…  photo memories from ACRL-Oregon Communications Coordinator Jennifer Snoek-Brown.

This was a conference of firsts for me:  my first time attending a national ACRL conference and my first time of living in the same city hosting a national conference. I took quite a few photos with my camera phone during the conference, so I thought a kind of photo essay would help me personally reflect on this experience.

ACRL 2015 Conference sign info

ACRL makes the big screen! I loved the luxury of being able to take one short bus ride down to the Convention Center to attend the conference.

ACRL 2015 tote bag

The conference orientation email emphasized that there wouldn’t be any tote bags… but I managed to snag one from a small stack of tote bags at the ACRL Lounge. Did someone go rogue with ordering conference tote bags? I got sooooooo many comments and compliments on this tote bag — and this is a very nice one with sturdy handles and a coated interior. OF COURSE they had to “put a bird on it”! 😉 One of my favorite (literal) takeaways from my conference experience!

ACRL transit pass

Also one of my favorite parts of the conference — free transit passes for everyone! I was a little trepidatious walking up to register, half-thinking that locals wouldn’t merit transit passes. But I did get my own transit pass, and I used it as much as possible the rest of the week! To make sure I didn’t lose my transit pass, I slipped it into the final slot of my business card holder.

ACRL pocket program schedule

One more favorite was the mini-schedule of programs. So easy to track room numbers and program themes, and it all folded to fit in a pocket. Truly brilliant!

ACRL Big Foot sighting

Squatch out for Sasquatch! I found Big Foot lurking outside a panel presentation — I guess he was as interested in formative assessment techniques as I was! 😉

ACRL 2015 screen

Is it strange that (a) I totally thought they had misspelled “peer reviewed” at first, and then (b) I kept mentally mispronouncing “peer revered” as “Paul Revered”? (It’s ok if the answer to that question is yes. 😉 )

ACRL Opening Keynote speaker G. Willow Wilson

Amazing keynote speakers! I really didn’t know what to expect, but each was so impressive in his/her own way. G. Willow Wilson was so naturally articulate and intelligent — as great a role model as her creation, the new Ms. Marvel!

I was able to sit in the reserved section during the keynote addresses, so I got a good view of all the speakers. A friend from Texas — and a conference scholarship recipient — stayed at my house during the conference, and all of the scholarship recipients got to sit in the reserved section and bring along another person with them. I felt super lucky to be my friend’s “plus 1” for the keynotes!

ACRL Middle Keynote speaker  Jad Abumrad

Gut crunch alert! Now I want to record how my stomach sounds when I’m nervous, thanks to Jad Abumrad. 😉 I picked this photo because Jad looked kind of like a rock star with that microphone pose.

ACRL Closing Keynote speaker Lawrence Lessig

Lawrence Lessig, academic and political activist, closed out the ACRL 2015 Conference with a heartfelt and stirring speech and presentation. I teared up several times during his address.

Each keynote was so different from the others, and yet each was so touching and thought-provoking. Kudos to the conference committee members responsible for the keynote speakers!

Public artwork in the Oregon Convention Center

Amazing public art in the Oregon Convention Center.

Oregon Convention Center tiles

Not-so-amazing art on the bathroom tiles in the Oregon Convention Center. I don’t mind the blue roses — we are the City of Roses, after all! — but the painted spiders freaked me out.

ACRL lunch food carts

We enjoyed amazingly sunny weather for most of the conference. Here is a shot I took at the plaza across from the Convention Center, where there were food trucks serving up different an delicious lunch options. So very Portland, and such a great idea for a distinctive and memorable conference memeory!

Portland t-shirt at OMSI during all-conference reception

This was the first time attending a conference in the city I live in, so I was much more aware of how attendees were reacting to Portland itself. I was so happy that everyone I talked to (and overheard) seemed to love Portland! I think we were an ideal host for the conference, especially for the sustainability theme. The weather was great, the transit passes were a hit, and attendees seemed to enjoy the behind-the-scenes experience of OMSI for the all-conference reception. I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of this t-shirt at the OMSI gift shop.

ACRL 2015 Leaders' reception donors sign

The ACRL 2015 Leaders’ Reception at The Benson Hotel’s Crystal Ballroom was a wonderful experience! Huge kudos to our sponsors and donors!

Detail of ACRL 2015 Leaders' reception donors sign

So nice to see some familiar names on the list of donors. 😉

ACRL Oregon badge as the conference begins

I captured what my name badge and conference program looked like, all shiny and new, on the first day of my conference experience, which included a pre-conference.

ACRL name badge and notes after the conference

And just for contrast, here’s a shot of my name badge and mess of notes on the last day of the conference! Well-worn, to be sure, but well-loved. I guess you could say my my name badge mirrored my personal conference experience! 🙂

~ Jennifer Snoek-Brown, ACRL-OR Communications Coordinator (2014-2016)
Faculty Librarian
Mt. Hood Community College

Hannah’s ACRL 2015 Top 3

We are posting a series of personal posts from ACRL-Oregon board members, highlighting personal experiences and perspectives of attending the ACRL 2015 Conference. Why? To help celebrate the national conference that took place in our state, to personalize the national conference experience for our local ACRL members, as well as to showcase the diversity of professional development and networking opportunities available through ACRL.

Would you like to add your own conference experience and/or photos to the ACRL-Oregon blog? Please contact us!

First up is ACRL-Oregon President (2014-2015) Hannah Gascho Rempel, with her “Top 3” — let’s count it down!

1.  Portland Transit Pass

ACRL-Oregon stickerThe best swag ever — after our ACRL-OR stickers of course! (seen at right) Having free reign to go anywhere, any time in Portland was great! An excellent sustainability idea, even if all I really used it for was to get back and forth from my hotel.

2.  Great keynote speakers

If you haven’t read, listened to, or (again) read anything by or about G.Willow Wilson, Jad Abumrad, or Lawrence Lessig – get to it. Hopefully you will come away thinking a little differently about the world around you, which is an excellent thing for librarians (and most other human beings) to do on a regular basis.

3.  ACRL-OR Reception

A great time was had by all at the ACRL-OR/WA reception at The Benson Hotel’s Crystal Ballroom. Thanks to all who supported and attended the reception! We were even important enough to have dueling ACRL Presidential candidates wooing our votes!

~ Hannah Gascho Rempel, ACRL-OR President (2014-2015)
Associate Professor & Science Librarian
Oregon State University

Celebrating Leadership at ACRL 2015 Portland!

By the time you read this post, the ACRL 2015 Conference will be just a few weeks away! Hopefully you are planning on attending and looking forward to a few fun days in Portland — our own “backyard.” One reason that I am really excited about this conference is because of the ACRL 2015 Leaders’ Reception the evening of March 27th. What are we celebrating, you ask? We’re celebrating ACRL leaders and the years of work they’ve undertaken to bring ACRL 2015 to fruition! A conference of this size is no small feat, and we just wanted to say Thank You to ACRL leader members for bringing the conference to PDX.

I have been coordinating the planning of this event for many months. In keeping with the “Go Local” movement, I am most proud of the fact that we worked to develop local-only funding. The reception is entirely supported by Oregon and Washington academic library donations and by individual donations from ACRL-OR and ACRL-WA members. Each of our donor libraries and individuals is listed on our ACRL 2015 Leaders’ Reception Donors page. This event, literally, would not be possible without their support. Thank you!

If you are current ACRL-OR or ACRL-WA member, here is one of the perks of your membership:  you should have received an email invite to this event! Go ahead… check your inbox… I’ll wait. The RSVP for the ACRL 2015 Leaders’ Reception is due by Saturday, March 7th, so don’t delay.

Will I see you at ACRL 2015? I sure hope so.

Uta Hussong-Christian
ACRL-Oregon Vice-President (2014-2015)
Oregon State University Libraries

ACRL 2013 Conference Call for Poster Proposals

Got an innovative library-based project, best practices to solve a problem, or unique research findings? Consider sharing them in a poster session! Posters should be an eye-catching visual representation of a topic, including graphics, tables, charts, text, and images. Presenters can communicate additional details via online handouts. Presenters share their ideas with colleagues as attendees circulate during one hour time blocks in the poster session area, located in the exhibits hall. Since space is limited at a poster session, a maximum of two presenters per poster at any one time is recommended. The Poster Session Committee looks for topics that will engage attendees during repeated presentations.

Potential topics can be seen in the program tags that are included on the proposal instructions page (link below). Poster topics from underrepresented categories are of particular interest.  Here are some examples:

* cataloging & technical services

* collections projects

* preservation projects

* digitization

* data management and services

Use the application form to sell your idea in a short, dynamic summary and provide a more complete discussion of the contents for the reviewers.  Please plan to submit an electronic version of your poster so that it can be posted online with conference handouts. Submissions are due by November 9, 2012.

Program Proposal Instructions https://s4.goeshow.com/acrl/national/2013/abstract_instruct.cfm

Proposal Submission Form  https://s4.goeshow.com/acrl/national/2013/abstract_submission.cfm

Questions should be directed to Margot Conahan at mconahan@ala.org or call (312) 280-2522.

Your ACRL 2013 Poster Sessions Committee

Theresa S. Byrd (co-chair)

Michelle Baildon

Clinton Baugess

Latrice Booker

Jackie Borin

Angela Boyd

Rosemary Del Toro

Amy Gullen

Michael J. Krasulski

William Lund

Joan Plungis (co-chair)

Gene Springs

Mary Strife

Joel Thornton

Amy Van Epps

Apply now for ACRL 2013 scholarships

CHICAGO — The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) is offering 70 scholarships in five categories worth more than $40,000 for the upcoming ACRL 2013 conference to be held April 10-13, 2013, in Indianapolis. Applications for scholarships in all categories are due Nov. 9, 2012. Complete details on each scholarship category and application instructions are available on the ACRL 2013 website.

ACRL 2013 scholarship categories are:

  • Librarian Scholarships – provide opportunities for librarians with five or fewer years of post-MLS experience to update their skills and knowledge.
  • Support Staff Scholarships – provide opportunities for library support staff to attend the premier event for academic and research libraries.
  • Student Scholarships – provide opportunities for library school students to learn more about current issues and developments in academic and research libraries.
  • Spectrum Scholar Travel Grants – provide opportunities for Spectrum Scholars to attend the ACRL conference for professional development and networking with colleagues or mentors through the ACRL Dr. E.J. Josey Spectrum Scholar Mentor Program.
  • Virtual Conference Scholarships – provide unique opportunities for collaboration, learning and networking online.

Offered biennially, the ACRL conference is the premier event for academic libraries, drawing librarians, library support staff and library vendors from across the country and around the world. Complete details and registration materials are available online. Register now through Feb. 22, 2013, to save $70 with the early bird member discount.

For more information, contact ACRL Conference Supervisor Tory Ondrla at tondrla@ala.org or (312) 280-2515.

From the ACRL National website (http://www.ala.org/news/pr?id=11382)

ACRL National 2013 Conference – Registration now open

How to Register

Register Online
Submit your ACRL 2013 registration via the online registration form.  Please note, you will need to log in to your ALA account or create a new one if you don’t have an ALA profile.  Please expect to receive e-mail confirmation within 24 hours.

Register by Mail or Fax
Print off a copy of the ACRL 2013 Registration Form (PDF file) and mail or fax your completed form.  Please expect to receive an e-mail confirmation within three to five business days of receipt of your form.

Attend ACRL National Virtual Conference for *FREE*

Can’t make it to Philadelphia for the ACRL National Conference this year? Then consider joining your colleagues in Bend, Portland, Eugene, Corvallis, Newport, or Ashland for the ACRL Virtual Conference (see the end of this notice for exact locations and don’t forget to fill out the survey)!

This is free of charge courtesy of ACRL-Oregon! The Virtual Conference sessions are scheduled for Thursday, March 31st and Friday, April 1st.


Thursday, March 31

9:00AM-10:00 AM
Depending On Our Users: Collecting User Feedback to Assess and Improve Research Consultations

Reference services are responding to the increasing size and complexity of the current information landscape in various ways. A new Research Center at the University of Denver provides students and faculty with hour-long, one-on-one consultations with a research librarian. The effectiveness of this model has been assessed with feedback data collected with SurveyMonkey. We will discuss how this robust data provides important insights into user demographics, user satisfaction, and student learning outcomes.
Presenter(s): Erin Meyer, Student Outreach Librarian and Research Center Coordinator, Penrose Library, University of Denver; Carrie Forbes, Instruction Coordinator and Reference Librarian, Penrose Library, University of Denver

10:30 AM -11:30 AM
Training Volunteer Library Teachers: Novice to Professional in a Few Painless Steps

Most library instruction programs are built on volunteer teachers. Building creative, professional teachers takes planning and commitment. This session will explore how to create a teacher training program that systematically supports novice teachers as they move towards being confident library instructors. The session will move from what makes a quality volunteer teacher to how to structure a teacher development program and end with how to successfully launch a program with no direct supervisory role.
Presenter(s): Suzanne Julian, Library Instruction Coordinator, Brigham Young University

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Benefits and Challenges of Academic Librarians in Virtual Worlds

Hundreds of institutions of higher education have an academic presence in virtual worlds (VWs), what is the librarian’s role? In what ways are academic librarians professionally involved in Second Life and other VWs? Is exploring Second Life and other VWs worth the time and effort? Why have many librarians taken the lead and/or supporting roles in VW environments on their campus? What are the challenges and benefits of this work?
Presenter(s): Robin Ashford, Reference & Distance Services Librarian, George Fox University; Beth Kraemer, Information Technology, University of Kentucky; Diane Nahl, Dr., University of Hawaii; Denise Cote, Associate Professor, College of DuPage

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
Digital Library Interdependence: Building External Partnerships with Cultural Heritage Organizations

How one academic library has groomed external relations with others outside its university to allow the rich cultural resources they own and manage to be preserved digitally and made available to scholars world-wide by means of a substantial digital library. 2011 marks the fifth year of this University s digital library and the announcement of the fifth major digital library partnership agreement, undertaking now to digitize another university’s world-class special collection of early printed bibles.
Presenter(s): Darren Poley, Outreach Librarian, Villanova University

Friday, April 1, 2011

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Integrating the Library into Online Courses

What if you could bottle a little bit of the library into every online course? Libraries at three California State Universities are partnering with their campus IT departments to create a rich library environment in every instructor s course. Students can use library resources and services directly from within the online course container and librarians are provided with the power to take on an active role in online courses.
Presenter(s): Susan Thompson, Coordinator Library Systems, California State University San Marcos; Thoreau Lovell, Head of Library Information Technology & Media Services, Leonard Library, San Francisco State University; Hillary Kaplowitz, Instructional Designer, California State University, Northridge; Danielle Skaggs, Coordinator of Online Instructional Design, California State University, Northridge; Christina Mayberry, Science and Engineering Librarian, California State University, Northridge

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Listening to Users . . . Closing the Feedback Loop: Just Do It!

Libraries can close the feedback loop quickly. Methods for realtime feedback and library responses, in use at a college library and a large university library, will be presented,including suggestion boxes and guestbooks, as well as usability studies, mystery shoppers, and informal student interviews. Often libraries focus on information-gathering rather than improvements and responses. If the response is not timely, “short attention span” customers may lose interest and feel as if their opinions do not count.
Presenter(s): Meg Scharf, Associate Director for Public Services, University of Central Florida; Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian, Ithaca College

12:00 PM -1:00 PM
When Nontraditional is the Norm: Shifting the Instruction Paradigm for Adult Online Students

Adult, online students may be invisible, but they are a potent force and will be for years to come. How much do we know about them, and do our instructional activities meet their needs? You ll learn some surprising truths about adult students in the digital realm, and learn how to apply the principles of andragogy to create effective library instruction materials for your adult, online students.
Presenter(s): Erin Brothen, Education Librarian, Walden University; Erika Bennett, Information Literacy & Instruction Librarian, Capella University; Kim Staley, Reference Librarian and Liaison to the School of Public Service Leadership, Capella University

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
Checklist Manifesto for Electronic Resources: Getting Ready for the Fiscal Year

Need to organize how you prepare your current, new, upgraded, or deselected electronic resources for the new fiscal year? Learn how to innovatively apply the principles of The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right and prepare a checklist to manage the myriad of tasks involved in this process. As a simple, but effective tool, a checklist will help you to make priorities clearer and prompt people to function better as a team.
Presenter(s): Lenore England, Digital Services Librarian, University of Maryland University College; Li Fu, Digital Resources Librarian, University of Maryland University College; Stephen Miller, Associate Provost, Library, University of Maryland University College


State Locations:

Oregon State University:
• Valley Library in Corvallis http://osulibrary.oregonstate.edu/about-valley-library
Site Coordinator: Stefanie Buck, Stefanie.buck@oregonstate.edu, 541-737-7273

•OSU Cascades Campus Library in Bend shared with COCC: http://visitors.cocc.edu
Site Coordinator: David Bilyeu, dbilyeu@cocc.edu, 541-383-7563

•Marilyn Potts Guin Library in Newport, http://osulibrary.oregonstate.edu/guin/
Site Coordinator: Janet Webster, janet.webster@oregonstate.edu, 541-867-0108

Portland State University:
• Portland State University Library, room 170, Millar Library Building, http://library.pdx.edu
Site Coordinator: Michael Bowman, bowman@pdx.edu, 503-725-3690

Southern Oregon University:
• Lenn and Dixie Hannon Library: http://www.sou.edu/admissions/visitus/findus.html
Site Coordinator: Connie Anderson-Cohoon, Anderson@sou.edu, 541-552-6820

University of Oregon:
• Onyx Bridge Science Library, Room 22, http://libweb.uoregon.edu/general/about/campusmap.html
Site Coordinator: Brian Westra, bwestra@uoregon.edu,
541-346-2654 (office) or 541-346-3075 (library)


Please let us know what sessions you are planning to attend by filling out this survey (Please paste link in browser window if necessary):


Additional questions please contact the individual site coordinators or feel free to contact me.

Thank you,
Jane Scott
ACRL Board President

ACRL National Conference 2011 – Call for Proposals

ACRL 2011 National Conference March 30th-April 2nd 2011, Philadelphia, PA
Call for Proposals: Contributed Papers
Proposal deadline: Monday, May 10th

The Call for Conference Participation, featuring descriptions of Conference Tracks, Session Formats, Proposal Requirements, and the Online Proposal Submission Form can be found here:

Contributed Paper Session Format Details
The Contributed Papers Committee invites research and position papers that challenge current assumptions and provoke conference participants to think creatively about issues facing academic and research librarians. Papers may report the results of completed research, describe research in progress, or present a position on a compelling problem or issue in one or more of the conference tracks. Research papers should highlight the problem, results, and conclusions while very briefly touching on method.

In an effort to maximize interactivity and to provide more opportunities for participation, papers will be grouped in threes, and each paper must be delivered in a maximum of twelve minutes, with an additional seven minutes for questions (20 minutes total) within a 60–minute time slot for all three papers. Completed papers should be about 2,500 words and should be scholarly, well organized, clearly written, and rigorously argued. Completed papers must be provided no later than December 19, 2010.

For more details:

Questions about Contributed Paper submissions should be directed to:
Marie L. Radford ( mradford@rutgers.edu)
Lisa M. Stillwell ( lisa.stillwell@fandm.edu)

FYI, Robin Paynter – ACRL-Oregon Communications Coordinator