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ACRL-Oregon Fall Conference Scholarship Winners

2016 Menucha:

  • Aja Bettencourt-McCarthy (first-time attendee and ACRL OR member)
  • Tatiana Bryant (first-time attendee and ACRL OR member)
  • Mary C. Derr (first-time attendee, ACRL OR member, and library school student)
  • Linden How (first-time attendee, library school student, and PNCA support staff)
  • Kerry Leek (first-time attendee and part-time librarian at Clackamas Community College)
  • Kim Olson-Charles (first-time attendee and ACRL OR member)
  • Gabriela Martinez Mercier (first-time attendee, ACRL OR member, and Columbia Gorge Community College support staff)
  • Sheila Shapiro (first-time attendee, ACRL OR member, and library school student)

2015 Pack Forest:

  • Anne Engelsen (library school student)
  • Jules Filipski (library school student and Oregon Historical Society support staff)
  • Jay Hadley (library school student and Multnomah County Library support staff)
  • Jennifer Kim (library school student and National College of Natural Medicine support staff)

2014 Menucha:

  • Menucha Scholarships:
    • Colleen Sanders (library school student and University of Oregon Portland Library and Learning Commons Library Student Assistant)
    • Cedate Shultz (Temporary librarian at Everest College)
    • Darla Garcia (unemployed librarian)
    • Paul Vinelli (unemployed librarian)
  • Paraprofessional Menucha Scholarships:
    • Zebulin Evelhoch (COCC)
    • Angela Parsons (University of Western States)
    • Stephanie Miller (Pacific University)

2012 Menucha:

  • Jaki King (MLS Student, Emporia University)
  • Johanna Meetz (MLS, University of Iowa)

2011 Pack Forest:

  • No scholarships were awarded this year as there were no applications submitted.

2010 Menucha:

  • Amy Hofer (Distance Learning Librarian, Portland State University)
  • Nyssa Walsh (MLS Student, Oregon Health & Sciences University)

2009 Pack Forest:

  • Jen Klaudinyi (Instruction Librarian and Cooperative Library Instruction Project Coordinator, Western Oregon University)
  • Kim Read (MLS Student, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine)

2008 Menucha:

  • Lia Vella (MLS Student, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine Interim Director)
  • Candise Branum (MLS Student, Oregon Institute of Technology)

2007 Pack Forest:

  • Melissa Anderson (University of Oregon)
  • Krista Reichard (Concordia University)

Attention – we’re looking for previous winners! If you would like to have your information added, please email the ACRL-Oregon Board with your name and the award year.

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