Chapter Archives

The First Ten Years of ACRL-Oregon is a brief history written by the Chapter’s First President Richard Heinzkill (University of Oregon).

Chapter Archives Image "The First Ten Years Oregon Chapter ACRL"

The complete archives are located at the Oregon State Library along with other Oregon Library Association division archives.

Archives File Level Finding Guide:
ACRL-Oregon: The First Ten Years, 1975-1985 report
ACRL-Oregon Annual Report to the ACRL national, 2006-2008
ACRL-Oregon Annual Report to the Oregon Library Association, 2004-2008
ACRL-Oregon Articles of Association, 1983-1989
ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting Minutes: 1983-1996; 2003-2009
ACRL-Oregon Budget, 2004-2009
ACRL-Oregon Bylaws, approved 1995
ACRL-Oregon Chapter becomes Academic Division of the Oregon Library Association; related documents circa July 1989
ACRL-Oregon Handbook, printed 6-10-2009
ACRL-Oregon Membership Survey results, Spring 2009
ACRL-Oregon Menucha Conference Evaluations, 2004-2008
ACRL-Oregon National Library Legislative Day reports, 2005-2006
ACRL-Oregon Newsletters, 1975-1996
ACRL-Oregon Tax exempt status letters, 1984-1985
ACRL-Oregon Treasurer’s Reports & Membership Reports, 1983-1990