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Summary Judgment Motions Filed in Georgia State Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

NewsBreaks for Monday, March 29, 2010 (from Infomation Today)

Summary Judgment Motions Filed in Georgia State Copyright Infringement Lawsuit
By George H. Pike

The increasingly testy copyright infringement lawsuit between Cambridge University Press and other publishers and Georgia State University (GSU) over electronic course materials may be coming to a climax. Both sides have recently filed competing motions with the federal court in Atlanta for a summary judgment decision on their behalf. The publishers are relying on evidence that shows that GSU continues to infringe on their copyrights beyond any reasonable fair use level. Georgia State asserted initially that the law immunized them from past actions and that their current actions do not violate the law due to fair use. Their motion for summary judgment, however, minimizes fair use in favor of technical legal arguments and assertions that they are not legally responsible for any infringement taking place.

Follow this link for the entire story:

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