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Liaison program

Diane mentioned our new “liaison program” briefly in a post below but I thought I’d take a moment to expand on this a bit.

The goal of the liaison program is to help ACRL Oregon facilitate communication among all academic libraries in the state.  The long-term goal is to have a liaison in every academic library in the state of Oregon.  This liaison will have the ability to post news to this blog.  The liaisons will be expected to post news from their libraries regularly (as often as they’d like but at least a couple of times a year).  News would include personnel information (who got that great job you advertised), stories about upcoming (or completed!) programs and events, and anything else the liaison feels like sharing about their libraries.

We hope that this kind of information sharing will help us all feel more connected to one another and be more aware of the goings on at each other’s libraries.

Naturally, the liaisons will also receive any important news from ACRL Oregon to pass along to their colleagues at their libraries.

We also see the liaison program as a way of increasing participation in ACRL Oregon.  Not everyone has the time, support, or inclination to serve on the Board but many people do have an interest in participating a way that requires less time and/or travel.  Serving as the liaison from your institution could be just the thing!

Interested?  Please let Diane Sotak know!  She’ll get you set up with an account on the blog and you’ll be off to the races!

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